General information about KarmaCheck

Great question! You can log in to our KarmaCheck App with your email and the password you created when submitting your application to view the status of your background check at any time.

To receive a reset password email, go to the following URL and submit the email address used to create your account with KarmaCheck:

Don’t worry! You can log in to with your email and password. If you don’t remember your password or didn’t create one, click forgot password. Follow the steps from there, but if you get stuck, always feel free to email us at or give us a call at (877) 732-2129.

Wait Times

Wait time longer than expected? If you log in to using your email and password, you will be able to see exactly what we’re waiting on.

Concerned about your wait time? When we run a county criminal search, we are requesting records from counties you have lived in within the last seven years. A pending status does not necessarily mean there are records found against you. Because we request these records directly from the courts, wait times can vary as some counties take longer than others. If you are worried about your start date and have been waiting longer than expected, please email us at or give us a call at (877) 732-2129, and we will help resolve this for you.

Concerned about your wait time? While the federal criminal search is not instant, it does come back fairly quickly. If it is taking longer than expected, it is likely that there were records found. This does not necessarily mean these records are against you. These records are matched to your name, so if your name is fairly common, records could be reported. Don’t worry; we look at each record and manually verify them.

Concerned about your wait time? Because we request these records directly from the institution, wait times can vary as some institutions take longer than others. If you are worried about your start date and have been waiting longer than expected, please email us at or give us a call at (877) 732-2129, and we will help resolve this for you.

Concerned about your wait time? Because we request these records directly from the institution, wait times can vary as some institutions take longer than others. If you are worried about your start date and have been waiting longer than expected, please email us at or give us a call at (877) 732-2129, and we will help resolve this for you.

Drug Screenings

Can’t find the email? Make sure to check your spam folder in addition to your inbox. If you still haven’t received the email, please send an email to or give us a call at (877) 732-2129 and we can send you a new one.

Great question! The amount of time you have to complete your drug screening varies by employer. You will also receive an email from outlining employer specific requirements.

We all get busy! Simply email us at or give us a call at (877) 732-2129 so we can extend your deadline.

Don’t worry! We can schedule an appointment for you to take wherever you are.

Not a problem! A medical review officer will contact you to verify your prescription information after you provide your sample. Just be sure to connect with them and your results will be changed to negative, so you’ll be all set.

We want to get you to work as quickly as possible, but completion times will always vary. Your sample is sent to a lab to be tested, and if the results are negative, we receive that information instantly. If the results are positive, a medical review officer will contact you and share that information with us.

Missed the screening? It’s always best to contact your employer directly for this, but if you reach out to us at or (877) 732-2129 we’re ready to help!

Identity Verification Issues

If the website is not recognizing your ID, try switching browsers. We recommend using Google Chrome.

Try using another device. You can submit your IDV using a phone, computer, or tablet.

Remove any accessories such as hats or glasses. Also, make sure you’re in a well-lit environment.

Still having trouble? Help us fix this problem by emailing or calling (877) 732-2129.

You will have three opportunities to submit a picture of yourself and your ID. If each verification fails, a member of our support team will review your submissions and will reach out if further information is needed.

Reading your Background Check

Excited to see your report? We don’t blame you! You can log in to your dashboard at to see your results or download the report, but when it’s ready for you to view, you will get an email with a link telling you it’s complete. If you checked the box during onboarding to have your report emailed to you, then it will be sent automatically at the time of completion.

This can definitely be concerning, but it doesn’t mean that someone else is using your social security number. The SSN trace is based on commercial and public records, so it’s likely another person mistyped their own social security number during a credit check or any other type of background check, and that’s why this is showing up on the search.

Your records are requested directly from the DMV and paying a ticket does not necessarily mean the DMV will remove the violation from your motor vehicle report. Whenever you have questions about your motor vehicle records, it’s always a good idea to contact your state’s DMV.

What is Adverse Action?

Information about the Adverse Action process.

A pre adverse action is a status your potential employer places your background check report in when there is adverse information reported to us. An email is sent to you to let you know that this information may prevent you from being hired.

This can be very frustrating, but filing a dispute is easy! Simply respond to the email you received, call us at (877) 732-2129, or send a new email to to let us know this information is incorrect.

No, we do not make any decisions on whether to hire applicants. This is decided by the potential employer based wholly, or partially on the adverse information provided by us.

Yes, as soon as your dispute has been filed, we send an email to your potential employer as well as prevent them from taking further action on your report. This way a potential employer cannot make a hiring decision based on potentially inaccurate information.

Delaying your start date is not something we intend to do when initiating your background check; however, in compliance with FCRA guidelines, it can take up to thirty days to complete a reinvestigation. We review and verify the contested information at the source to ensure maximum possible accuracy.

Once a reinvestigation is concluded, the report is taken out of a dispute status and we will email you and your potential employer an updated report.

Great idea! If you want to provide more context surrounding the incident or evidence of rehabilitation, it is always best to contact your potential employer directly. However, if you would like to email us, we would be happy to forward it along to them. Whether or not to hire you is still their decision.

Fulfillment Policy

KarmaCheck offers customers the ability to send background check invites to applicants and process background check screenings for permissible purposes as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) via technology and services. Applicants submit their information which includes PII after which KarmaCheck typically will immediately begin processing said background check via various screenings. Some screenings are instant and others may take longer depending on data source availability. Both the applicant and customer have visibility into the process via their respective KarmaCheck sign-ins. As soon as the background check begins processing the customer and/or applicant are charged based on the package of screenings. There is no guaranteed turnaround time. When complete, a background check results in a consumer report as defined by the FCRA. The consumer report is made available to both the customer and the applicant via the KarmaCheck dashboard behind their respective logins and via email to the applicant if that option was selected during PII-submission. The consumer report may be used by the customer for the permissible purpose for which they ran the background check, the applicant may use the consumer report as they please.

Applicants may be contacted during the course of the background check to provide additional information, to perform Occupational Health Screenings, or to otherwise assist KarmaCheck in completing the consumer report to FCRA and customer standards. Applicant cooperation is necessary in these instances to successfully complete the background check. Whether or not an applicant cooperates, the customer or applicant will still be charged for the service.

KarmaCheck does not generally offer refunds for use of its technology and/or services performed once those services have begun processing (i.e. once a background check goes into processing after an applicant has submitted PII and agreed to disclosures & authorizations). Refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

KarmaCheck will refund and/or track usage of Occupational Health Screenings in certain cases. If an applicant does not show up for the Occupational Health Screening portion of the background check, the customer invoice will either be credited with an additional screening of the same type or refunded according to the terms of the contract at KarmaCheck’s discretion. If an applicant pays for their own Occupational Health Screenings, KarmaCheck does not offer refunds to the applicant if they do not show up to their Occupational Health Screenings.