The State of Hiring and Recruiting in 2023

Background checks


Achieve the fastest turnaround you’ll ever experience.

Never lose a hire ever again

Traditional background checks are slow and cumbersome. They delay candidate placement, cause candidates to drop out and negatively impact your bottom line. Not anymore.

Trusted by the most forward-thinking organizations.

Never miss your hiring target again

Engineered for speed, KarmaCheck provides fast turnaround times and more efficient checks, giving you the edge in competing for the same talent.

Save time with one system (one-stop shop)

Stop coordinating among multiple systems for screenings and verifications and reduce complexity with a “one-stop shop” solution integrated with thousands of sources for background checks and hundreds of sources for industry-specific databases.

We work with your budget

Launch a cost-effective solution designed for your needs, enabled by KarmaCheck’s innovative data and technology approach.

It couldn’t be easier

We’ve designed the user experience to reach candidates where they are most these days-on their mobile devices. Your candidates can complete their onboarding faster and more accurately. You will never struggle through 20-page reports again.

Don’t commit hiring mistakes

KarmaCheck reduces your risk of hiring the wrong talent and potential claims from negligent hiring with industry-leading accurate verifications.

Streamline & optimize onboarding

Achieve a simple, streamlined experience with candidates with flexible integration options that work well with your hiring and onboarding processes.

PRN Healthcare Puts Nurses to Work Faster with KarmaCheck

PRN Healthcare relies on KarmaCheck’s technology-driven health screening platform to deliver a better candidate experience and on-time placements for facilities. With KarmaCheck, they’ve had 85% faster background screenings and saved more than 12 hours weekly.

Achieve the fastest turnaround you’ll ever experience.