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Background Checks for Healthcare Workers

Don’t lose another healthcare candidate. KarmaCheck delivers the fastest turnaround you’ll ever experience. 

KarmaCheck's Healthcare Background Check Solution

Healthcare recruiters face unique issues and challenges that KarmaCheck’s fast and candidate-centric solution can help overcome–ensuring you secure the talent you need. 

Unique Requirements for Healthcare Background Checks

KarmaCheck’s one-stop platform offers healthcare pre-employment screenings including criminal searches, credential & employment verification and drug screening. 

Why are Healthcare Background Checks Important?

Healthcare’s a fast-moving industry subject to government regulations–making background checks essential to hiring qualified candidates to offer patient care.

Fastest Healthcare Background Checks at the Lowest Cost

Other vendors can take weeks, we get you results in under 5 minutes. 

Data shows that KarmaCheck often achieves 350% faster turnaround times–all at a lower price per search.

Custom or Enterprise Healthcare Background Checks

One-stop for all your needs.
  • Jurisdictional Criminal and Sex Offender Search
  • Occupational Health Screenings (OHS) & Drug Screening
  • Healthcare Compliance and OIG Searches
  • Professional License and Certification Checks
  • Global Watchlist
  • Identity Verification
  • ATS / HRIS integrations
  • Custom volume tiers
  • Premium Customer Service & Support

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What are the requirements for healthcare background checks?

The thoroughness of healthcare background check requirements varies according to factors like the employer’s preferences and the level of trust required for the position. Pre-employment screening for healthcare workers can include credential & license verification, employment & education verification, as well as any of the following searches:

This search verifies an individual’s criminal history at various court levels (County, State, and Federal criminal courts). They include investigations of offender registries from all 50 states, as well as other U.S. territories.

National Sex Offender searches pull data at the national level to identify candidates who have been convicted of a sex crime, including guilty pleas.

These screenings ensure a candidate has all the necessary immunity and health qualifications to take on a role in healthcare inclusive of TB tests, Physicals, and more.

A search is conducted of hundreds of US government, international, healthcare, and regulatory databases to identify individuals prohibited from specific industries such as healthcare or are on criminal lists.


Healthcare Compliance searches identify any wrong actions of individuals and entities in the healthcare field and cover databases such as GSA, OIG, SAM, Medicare and Medical exclusion lists, and more.

OIG searches provide screenshots of the OIG LEIE database to see whether a candidate is excluded from participating in federal and state healthcare programs.


KarmaCheck’s proprietary machine learning compares the photo from a government document to a live selfie, ensuring the candidate is not misrepresenting who they are. It also ensures that all subsequent background checks evaluate the correct individual. 


Employment verification allows employers to verify a candidate’s previously held jobs, while education verification identifies candidates with the advanced education required for most healthcare jobs.

Drug screening is a common requirement for employment in many industries, but it’s essential in healthcare since these workers have access to powerful drugs.

Verify the authenticity, status, and any associated disciplinary history for a professional license or certification, inclusive of nursing licenses (RN, CNA, etc.), BLS/CPR certificates, and beyond.


Achieve The Fastest Turnaround You’ll Ever Experience

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KarmaCheck's Healthcare Background Check Solution

Healthcare recruiters often encounter several unique pain points that healthcare background check solutions like KarmaCheck can help them overcome.

The increased demand for healthcare workers has resulted in an overall shortage of candidates. The pandemic has exacerbated this situation, causing greater burnout in healthcare. KarmaCheck is a one-stop-shop platform that unifies candidate verifications, including background checks, drug screens and certifications. We also offer our partners a competitive advantage by providing faster, more efficient onboarding and placement.

Modern healthcare is a highly fluid, contingency-based industry with transient positions like traveling nurses. As a result, employers often check the background of the same candidates multiple times, even when their data remains unchanged. This practice increases the time and expense of hiring employees. KarmaCheck uses proprietary data that allows staffing companies to accelerate their placement process by saving candidate data after each search, thus facilitating the hiring process for subsequent placements.

Healthcare candidates don’t typically enter their personal information into an employer’s system, creating a delay between the time they submit their application and the time their data is available on the system. This process creates friction with candidates and increases their drop rates. KarmaCheck’s mobile-friendly platform allows candidates to seamlessly provide their information directly to employers, leading to faster background checks. For example, it allows employers to make an initial response to a candidate’s email within eight hours, with an average resolution time of 1.5 hours. Furthermore, KarmaCheck resolves 71 percent of its emails in one to five hours.

Why are healthcare background checks important?

Healthcare staffing firms seek Healthcare Staffing Services certification because it demonstrates their commitment to delivering a higher standard of service. Employers sometimes feel that comprehensive healthcare industry background checks for every candidate are overkill. However, they are the only way to ensure the nursing or healthcare candidates are qualified and won’t cause any problems after they’re hired. For example, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General (DHHS OIG) conducted a study in 2012 showing that 19 percent of nurses’ aides had substantiated findings for abuse, employee theft, or neglect. Of these, 53 percent had convictions for robbery, and those with substantiated abuse or neglect were over three times more likely to have prior convictions for violent crimes.