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What is an MVR

Are you looking to escape the monotony of a desk job? Do you prefer the call of the open road? Then chances are you and tons of other potential candidates are asking what an MVR is. And how does it impact your chances of being hired? Here are the ins and outs of an MVR and its importance for road-ready jobs. 

What is a Motor Vehicle Report

An MVR, also known as a motor vehicle record check, is a background check centered around your driving history. You’ll need to pass this check for jobs that involve driving company vehicles. That includes everything from trucking, delivery, moving companies, and more. Companies may also run an MVR report for non-driving jobs in case you promote or make a lateral move to a driving role. As with any potential job, you have no real say over which background checks are used in the hiring process. That means ensuring your driving record is clean, just in case, is a good idea.

What Information is Included on an MVR?

Motor vehicle record checks include the following info.

Traffic citations and violations: It should come as no surprise that your driving history is a crucial factor in your MVR. Traffic citations, including speeding, reckless endangerment, and DUIs will appear on an MVR. That said, common traffic violations like speeding may not disqualify you from a job. The government, on average, issues $600 million in speeding tickets every year. That’s a lot of fines to go around! If all it took were a speeding ticket to disqualify you from a job, then most of us would still be looking for work. However, if you have multiple speeding tickets, you may need to work with the DMV to see what you can do to have a few removed. This can be as simple as taking a driving course or as complicated as disputing prior fines. Just remember, as awesome as some movies make racing look, movies aren’t nearly as real as a suspended license. 

Accident Reports: Roughly 68% of drivers experience an accident in their lifetime. That means, much like speeding tickets, it’s unlikely having an accident will immediately remove you from job consideration. Instead, factors like the time between accidents, who’s at fault, and the number of accidents play a more significant role. 

Suspended License: Contrary to popular belief, traffic violations aren’t the only way to earn a suspended license. Other causes include failure to appear, issues with child support payment, multiple convictions, etc. All of which will be visible to employers when they run a motor vehicle record check.

Why is an MVR Check Important

A motor vehicle record check is essential for any fleet-based business. It protects employers from certain liabilities and reduces the chance of expensive repair costs associated with accidents and reckless driving. From an employee standpoint, it’s a good sign that a business has the foresight and systems to run a motor vehicle record check before handing you the keys. 

What Do Employers Look for in an MVR?

MVR checks for employers are all about finding red flags in candidates. An employer wants to know their vehicles are safe in your hands. Specifically, they’re looking for signs of reckless driving, excessive speeding, and anything that may make you a severe liability. 

How Far Back Does a Motor Vehicle Report Go?

Motor vehicle record check histories vary by state. In some states, the record may go back as far as 11 years, and in others, only 3. You must consult your state DMV site to find the exact amount. Additionally, different traffic violations may fall off at other times. I.E., a fender bender may only report for a few years, but a DUI may report for much longer. Again, it’ll depend entirely on your state.

How to Get a Motor Vehicle Report

You can request your personal MVR check online from your state DMV. Whereas MVR checks for employers often come from specialized background check companies like KarmaCheck. Any candidate applying for a role that requires driving should have a look at their MVR to make sure there are no surprises. If you find discrepancies in your report, it may be time to contact your DMV. Don’t let your driving history stand in the way of your career. Stay on top of your MVR.

And for employers with fleet management, put the pedal to the metal (responsibly) and contact KarmaCheck for reliable MVRs. 


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