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Understanding Casino Background Checks

We’ve all seen the heist movies where clever criminals dupe hapless casino workers. Thankfully, actual casino employees have other things to look forward to. The casino industry offers employees competitive pay, full benefits, 401k’s, and stability. Considering that, seeing casinos as a career opportunity makes perfect sense. You can provide a life for your family with a little hard work at the right casino. But one of the earliest hurdles you’ll need to overcome is the background check. 

This is everything you need to know about casino background checks. 

What Do Casinos Look For In A Background Check?

Here are a few background checks that any potential casino employee should be ready for. 

Criminal Record

Criminal checks span the last seven years of any criminal history. However, having a criminal record isn’t a deal breaker for casinos. Most casinos are specifically worried about crimes involving theft, fraud, etc. Be transparent if your criminal record comes up, and focus on the growth you’ve made. 

Gaming License

Getting a gaming license is a great career move. And may even come with a pay increase. That said, casino background checks search your education history to ensure your license is active. Gaming licenses are required for jobs like dealers or pit managers. Individuals with criminal records may have a more challenging time getting a gaming license. States have mandates involving a person’s last felony arrest and eligibility to secure a gaming license. For example, in Pennsylvania, a person has to wait 15 years before they qualify. In Washington state, the limit is ten years. Plus, depending on the felony, the timeframe may change. 

Not having a gaming license may put your career on pause. Thankfully, casinos have several career paths that don’t involve a gaming license!

Employment History

Casino background checks use employment history to check references, gauge experience, and better understand who you are. Employment history is another reason to refrain from fibbing on your resume. If there’s a gap in your employment or you have a limited job history, focus on the relevant skills you’ve learned in each role. 

By the way, while casino background checks revolve around criminal records, license verification, and employment history, they may run plenty of other types of background checks

How Long Does A Casino Background Check Take?

Casino background checks can come back within 48 hours. That’s especially true if casinos use KarmaCheck as a resource. Fast, reliable data that lets casinos make informed decisions is invaluable. More and more employers are working to shorten the hiring process, and being able to access background checks quickly is a big part of that. 

At KarmaCheck, our focus is providing quality, comprehensive data asap. Hiring managers looking to shorten the hiring process and improve their candidate pool should consider KarmaCheck as a resource. Contact us to learn how we help you make your job easier and more efficient. 


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