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6 Types of Background Checks for Employment

Roughly 96% of the current job market is searching for new jobs. That means your business will get a lot of new hires. Judging each candidate solely on how they present themselves gets pretty tricky. Even if you work on a tight-knit team with seven or fewer teammates, finding the perfect candidate becomes all the more critical. You could hire the person with the most experience, but are you sure they’re actually the most qualified?

In a world of A.I. generated text and gig economies, selecting the right candidate is more complex than ever. That’s where background checks come in handy. Learn how to leverage background checks to find your perfect employee.

Why Conduct Background Checks?

Conducting different types of background checks is an easy, reliable way to know the candidate you hire won’t bring legal drama to your workplace. Make no mistake, hiring someone who can’t pass a background check will impact productivity, open businesses up to legal scrutiny, and be a headache you can otherwise avoid. 

Plus, there’s the safety aspect as well. Imagine how other employees might feel if you accidentally hired a less-than-savory person.

Types of Background Checks for Employment

Different types of background checks go through different databases. Thankfully, companies like KarmaCheck have access to all the data you need to make an informed decision. Here are a few options you have to get the whole picture.

Identity Verification

If you’re wondering, “what kind of background checks are there ?” Then just know that identity verification is practically mandatory. It’s a surefire way of knowing that your candidate is precisely who they say they are. And we mean that literally. Although grifters and con artists might not be as prevalent in real life as in movies, they’re still out there. And it’s worth noting that other forms of background checks may come back inconclusive without identity verification. 

So, what does identity verification include? I.D. verifications include:

  • SSN Alerts: A SSN can be stolen, but an I.D. verification ensures the SSN doesn’t belong to a deceased person, lets you know if identity fraud has occurred previously, and whether the SSN was valid, to begin with. 
  • Address: An address verification is essential for insurance benefits, but it also guarantees your candidate hasn’t lived in a place with bars, a 24/7 security system, and supervised visits. 
  • Fraud Alerts: Fraud alerts look for fraud claims and accusations against a person. Perhaps one of these alerts could be explained away. But the chances of anyone being accused of fraud multiple times AND being innocent of them isn’t as likely as some candidates would have you believe.
Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks are a great tool to have in your back pocket. And it’s another reason the initial address check is so important; the address check shows all the places a candidate has lived. Piggybacking off of that, a criminal background check searches for arrest records in those areas. Sure, not every crime means a person isn’t hirable. But, it’s information worth considering. That’s especially true in fields that handle sensitive data. 

Credit Background Checks

Credit background checks can give you a solid look into your candidate’s spending habits, ability to handle responsibility, and forethought. A credit check isn’t an indicator of anyone’s work ethic or capability. But when combined with different background checks, it helps paint a much clearer picture. And for jobs that involve cash handling, like banking, casinos, etc., it’s definitely a factor worth considering. 

MVR reports

Motor Vehicle Records, or MVR, sheds light on a candidate’s driving history. That includes DUIs, traffic citations, suspension of license, and more. Sure, many of us may have one or two speeding tickets over the years, but an MVR with frequent citations and suspensions is a clear sign that a candidate may be impulsive or even miss work due to lengthy legal proceedings. Save yourself time and effort, and run an MVR.

Professional License & Education Verification

Know what’s easier than getting a four-year degree? Simply saying you have one. As an employer, the only way to know that your candidate truly did earn their degree(s) and is capable of the position is to check their education and license history. Sometimes, not doing this opens you up for lawsuits and other issues. And you can bet anyone who’d fib about their education will fib much more once they get the job. Cover your assets. Get a professional license and education check completed during the hiring process.

Fingerprint Background Checks

Some people can hide their background. But it’s nigh impossible to hide fingerprint history. Consider fingerprinting to be the original I.D. verification. If a candidate has ever been arrested, their fingerprints are in the system. And thorough background check companies like KarmaCheck are skilled in finding them. Sure, of all the different types of background checks, fingerprinting may be the lengthiest. It can take up to a month sometimes. But, as our grandparents once said, anything worth doing is worth doing right. Give yourself peace of mind and conduct a fingerprint background check on all candidates. 

Any good employee makes your workplace or business better by having them. And the reverse is true for any lousy employee. Strengthen your business, boost productivity, and rest easy knowing you’re doing your part in providing a safe workspace. Explore your options for getting a thorough background check on your candidates. 


Background checks are essential for fostering a productive environment. Leverage KarmaCheck to conduct different types of background checks to ensure your employees have the skill and capability your business deserves. It’s easy to get started.


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