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Top Tips for Hiring Traveling Nurses

Traveling nurses have become increasingly popular since their emergence onto the healthcare workforce scene— thanks to their reliability, flexibility, and adaptability. These unique traits often make them one of the most sought-after nursing positions in the industry. Competition for these Mobile Angels of Mercy can be fierce. This article will provide actionable tips for travel nurse recruiting.

Finding the right fit for any medical team can be challenging, but it’s challenging when hiring travel nurses. It’s important to have a comprehensive strategy and a recruiting process that enables you to find the best candidates quickly for each open position. As a human resource representative or hiring manager, there are several key tips and strategies for travel nurse hiring that you should consider.

Travel Nurse Hiring

If you’re like the many healthcare organizations in need of additional staffing and cost-effective solutions for short-term medical needs, then looking into travel nurse hiring could be an ideal option. By leveraging up-to-date technology with experienced personnel who are capable of swooping into a role at any time, these professionals bring invaluable support to any healthcare team.

The first step when placing an advertisement for an open position is to clearly define the job requirements for the traveling nurse. Defining these obligations will help narrow the search for qualified candidates and make it easier to compare candidates’ professional experiences. The traveling nurse requirements and qualifications to request should include:

  • Specific experience or skills required of travel nurses
  • Any special licensing or certifications needed
  • Dates of employment for the job
  • Daily and weekly work schedules
  • Housing and travel requirements
  • Pay rate
  • Any benefits offered


When looking to hire travel nurses, you should also set realistic expectations—for both the healthcare facility as well as the prospective candidates. When crafting your advertisement, be sure that job applicants fully understand what is expected of them.

These expectations should include any travel or work schedule restrictions. For example, you may want the nurse to stay for a specific timeframe to provide continuity of care. By clearly communicating all expectations upfront, travel nurses are better equipped to make informed decisions about applying for the open position.

Travel Nurse Recruiting Agencies

To attract the travel nurse that best fits your organization’s needs, it’s vital to utilize job searches on significant employment websites and job boards. These sites make it easier for travel nurses to search for available positions in their areas of expertise.

If you decide to go through a third-party travel nurse agency, a good recruiter will make sure that all candidates meet the criteria outlined in your job description. When it comes to the travel nurse hiring process, it’s important to look for:

  • Required nursing certifications
  • Academic backgrounds
  • Past traveling nurse experience
  • Any specialized credentialing for nurses required


A reputable traveling nurse recruiter will thoroughly research each job application and provide the hiring manager with a list of the top candidates. Once the employer makes a conditional job offer, the travel nurse agency can conduct the required background checks and drug testing.

Travel nurse recruiting requires a comprehensive understanding of the job criteria that the best candidates and employers want. By utilizing a combination of online job searches, traveling nurse recruiter services, and well-defined job requirements, you can find the right fit for your healthcare team.

Credentialing for Nurses

Nurse credentialing is an integral part of the travel nurse hiring process. Healthcare organizations must ensure that their candidates are properly credentialed for the open position. Each state has its licensing requirements, and employers must comply with these regulations to provide safe medical care to patients. Working with a third-party travel nurse agency will ensure that all credentials are up to date and meet any statutory requirements.

Hiring traveling nurses is a terrific way to fill short-term staffing needs while ensuring quality patient care. With proper research, carefully crafted job descriptions, and perhaps a good recruiter from a reputable travel nurse agency, hiring managers can find the perfect fit to fill any open position.

Creating Travel Nurse Contracts

Once the HR representative finalizes the travel nurse hiring process and chooses a candidate, employers must then create a contract outlining all expectations for the prospective employee. This contract should include the following.

  • Specific duties and responsibilities of the nursing position
  • Details about housing arrangements and travel expenses
  • Pay rate
  • Scheduling information and dates of employment
  • Any overtime rules and regulations
  • Employee benefits, if applicable
  • Policies regarding the company’s background screening process
  • Any drug testing requirements
  • And any other terms that need to be addressed


Having an explicitly worded travel nurse contract in place protects both the employer and employee from any misunderstandings that may arise during their working relationship. By taking the time to properly hire travel nurses, employers can rest assured that they are getting a qualified healthcare professional who is best suited for their organization. With clear expectations and proper credentialing, healthcare facilities provide quality, short-term patient care without sacrificing their own integrity. For more information on conducting healthcare background checks for travel nurses, contact KarmaCheck today.


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