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Top Recruiting Automation Tools for Your Business

How Recruiting Automation Could Help Your Business

Recruiting automation software enables recruiters to contact and evaluate their best potential candidates at a scale and timeframe that would be impossible to do manually. Having the right automation software allows a company to take in a large amount of candidate data and save significant time and human capital that would otherwise be used in analyzing multiple applications. 

In 2018, around 67% of HR agents in a LinkedIn interview claimed that recruitment automation helps them save time and have more bandwidth to focus on other HR activities.

In addition, various recruitment software tools can significantly help with automating HR functions like sourcing, background screening, outreach, and evaluation of the best potential candidates for your company.

According to Workato, we are currently automating only 6% of all recruitment tasks. Still, there’s very high potential for recruitment automation growth each year, and this will likely become the most-automated HR element for most companies within the next 5-20 years. 

Using recruiting automation tools is a time-saver because it allows recruiters to invest their energy into more relationship-oriented activities and spend their time learning about candidates in a high-level way.

In addition, artificial intelligence can help process data thousands of times faster than a human being and help reduce or eliminate bias. It’s essential to find and utilize the best tools for your recruitment needs. Here are a few of the best recruitment automation tools on the market:


Several popular tools for businesses adopt an innovative approach to recruitment innovation, sometimes referred to as “Continuous Candidate Engagement (CCE).” Jobvite’s platform offers the best CCE tools available on the market. CCE is a candidate-oriented recruitment process that lets companies engage prospects with high-quality experience in every stage of their recruitment with the company.

 Jobvite also makes recruiting easier with social recruiting functions. Building candidate relationships also benefits from tools that have mobile-optimized recruiting-marketing solutions, video screening, candidate texting capabilities, onboarding functions, advanced comparative analytics, and so on.

Zoho Recruit

One important automation tool is an applicant tracking system that can help make recruitment processes easy and fast. Several platforms work well for both staffing agencies and traditional recruiters and can help you source, keep track of, and onboard the brightest talent from one single platform. For example, Zoho Recruit offers a streamlined system as an applicant journey platform for both agencies and traditional recruiters


With Greenhouse, companies can source and track qualified candidates, conduct interviews, and execute data-driven hiring choices with various automated interview/hiring platforms. These powerful platforms assist hiring managers in the multiple elements of recruitment, including strategy, sourcing, and interviewing.

These automated interview platforms often allow for two-way communications for recruitment tasks and data. A “job” in a platform like this might assign one or more people different roles in the hiring process, streamlining the candidate selection process

Bamboo HR

BambooHR’s powerful human resource information platform is known for its simple and intuitive user experience. Small businesses can receive great benefits from its Employee Self-Service function, its manager user interface, its multiple customization options, and its analytic capabilities.

It offers a real self-updating schedule that gives hiring managers the ability to view HRIS data that is up to date and accurate. In addition, bamboo HR has fantastic Performance Management and a powerful application tracking system (ATS) that gives teams the ability to create more streamlined and dependable working atmospheres.

LinkedIn Recruiter

Some automation tools allow you to find and engage with candidates on LinkedIn, the gold standard for candidate sourcing and a gold mine for recruiting technologies. LinkedIn Recruiter is one of them. It utilizes browser extensions that allow HR professionals to easily find candidates’ email addresses and integrate them into outreach campaigns. Additionally, these tools provide HR professionals with the ability to interact with candidates through multiple sources and sequences starting from LinkedIn recruiter.


There are a plethora of platforms on the market that provide detailed guidance and assistance for each step of the recruiting journey, from sourcing to interviewing to background checks, and much more. Pymetrics was engineered to help HR professionals scale and streamline their work and identify top candidates quickly. These tools can also help eliminate fatigue and bias when dealing with larger amounts of candidate data, and empower HR leaders to focus on the high-level conversations they want to have with top candidates.

Looking To Run Some Background Checks?

KarmaCheck offers the best recruitment background checks on the market. Instead of coordinating among multiple systems for screenings and verifications, KarmaCheck allows you to reduce complexity with a “one-stop-shop” solution integrated with thousands of sources for background checks and hundreds of sources for industry-specific databases.

We offer the fastest turnaround on automated background checks in the industry, trusted by many of the world’s largest companies. Ready to run some background checks at a blazing speed and get results that you need to make better decisions? Then Get started today and try out our platform. 


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