Can You Work in Cyber Security with a Criminal Record?

Everyone makes mistakes. But mistakes that result in felonies or misdemeanors put your career on pause. If you’re looking for work in the cyber security industry and have a criminal record, your past is a challenge you’ll need to overcome. Thankfully, it’s not an impossible challenge. Here are the facts about getting a job in […]

Do Tech Companies Do Background Checks?

Although the tech industry has recently hit some bumps, the sector still represents a significant proportion of the workforce! And with millions of tech jobs still on the horizon, it’s the best time to start your career. Just keep in mind that tech companies value their privacy, especially if they’re working on new software, expanding […]

The Best Tips for Tech Recruitment

Tech has always been one of the fastest-growing industries. And with over half a million new tech jobs predicted by 2026, there’s an increase in quality talent. But how do you attract the right worker to your company? And, equally important, what sustainable practices can you use to keep attracting good talent?  Here are the […]

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