2023 Staffing Industry Trends and Challenges

Staffing industry trends are constantly evolving, and the challenges are becoming increasingly complex. As we look to 2023 and beyond, organizations must prepare for changes in workforce dynamics and shifts in employee demands. One of the key trends that will drive this shift is a focus on work-life balance—the need for employees to find a […]

Best Practices for Higher Education Faculty Recruitment

Recruiting and retaining quality faculty members is essential for any higher education institution to be successful. With the rising competition between institutions of secondary education, it is crucial for colleges and universities to have a reliable staff and faculty recruitment plan in place. This article will discuss best practices for recruiting faculty members who are […]

The Future of the Gig Economy

Are you the head of Human Resources for a company considering hiring gig workers? You might be asking yourself: How is the nature of work changing, or should I shelve the idea until economic times are more certain? With today’s changing landscape of work structure and workforce strategies, there is much to consider before making […]

How to Manage a Contingent Workforce

Wondering what is a contingent workforce? First, let’s start by explaining that contingent workforce solutions are becoming increasingly popular as employers seek to diversify their talent pools and gain access to specialized, experienced talent. However, managing a contingent workforce can be complex, as it requires specific management skills and processes different from those used for […]

The Importance of Background Checks in the Gig Economy

As an employer in today’s gig economy, it is more important than ever to protect your business from potential risks and liabilities. Ensure your employees are properly vetted for safety, company reputation, and financial health. Gig economy background checks can provide invaluable information about prospective employees and help ensure the trustworthiness of those who have […]

Understanding the Levels of Nursing Degrees

Are you interested in becoming a nurse but feel overwhelmed by the thought of all the nursing credentials and qualifications required? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. As a current or prospective nursing student, it can be challenging to make sense of all the different types of available credentials for nurses that you can pursue. To […]

Top Tips for Hiring Traveling Nurses

Traveling nurses have become increasingly popular since their emergence onto the healthcare workforce scene— thanks to their reliability, flexibility, and adaptability. These unique traits often make them one of the most sought-after nursing positions in the industry. Competition for these Mobile Angels of Mercy can be fierce. This article will provide actionable tips for travel […]

8 Hiring Practices for Fair Chance Employment

As a Human Resources representative or hiring manager, developing Fair Chance Hiring (FCH) best practices and procedures is essential for your organization. FCH policies not only ensure compliance with employee rights legislation but also protect your organization from legal liability and discrimination lawsuits. But the question always arises— what is Fair Chance Hiring? In this […]

How To Foster Employee Retention In Healthcare

Hospitals, human resource representatives, and healthcare administrators are all too familiar with the challenges of healthcare employee retention. It is a commonly accepted fact that great employees are hard to come by. Therefore, once you are lucky enough to them, it’s important to keep them on board. Fortunately, there are many staff retention strategies in […]

What is Medical Credentialing?

If you’re a doctor, nurse, or healthcare professional looking to understand the medical credentialing process and its implications for your profession, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll take an in-depth look into the roles that Credentials Verification Organizations play in the professional lives of people who want to practice medicine. […]