Top 5 Trends in Employee Background Checks in 2022


Employee Background Check Post COVID-19 Applying best practices for employee background checks are more important than ever, especially for businesses looking to expand their workforce. The post Covid-19 job market has also created new challenges for employers during the last two years, as they struggle to hire remote workers. The growth in the gig economy […]

Top 6 Recruiting Automation Tools For Your Business  

How Recruiting Automation Could Help Your Business Recruiting automation software enables recruiters to contact and evaluate their best potential candidates at a scale and timeframe that would be impossible to do manually. Having the right automation software allows a company to take in a large amount of candidate data and save significant time and human […]

7 Great Tips On Hiring During The Great Resignation

The Right Background Check Not only are we still living through a global pandemic, but we’re also living amid the Great Resignation. As a result, more and more people are deciding to leave their jobs and search for something better. If you look at the numbers, a staggering amount have recently quit their jobs. In […]