The Best Tips for Tech Recruitment

Tech has always been one of the fastest-growing industries. And with over half a million new tech jobs predicted by 2026, there’s an increase in quality talent. But how do you attract the right worker to your company? And, equally important, what sustainable practices can you use to keep attracting good talent?  Here are the […]

Best Recruitment Tools to Accelerate Hiring

Finding the right employees is a critical part of running any business.  Yet, finding qualified candidates that fit your specific needs can be challenging. With the use of different types of recruitment tools, you can make your hiring process smoother, easier, and more efficient. This article will discuss some of the best recruiting tools available […]

Recruiting During a Recession

The current economic recession has created challenging times for many businesses, making it even more difficult to recruit the best talent. Recruiting during a recession can be incredibly challenging for companies struggling with budget and staff cuts. Companies must think outside the box to find new ways to attract talented employees while keeping costs low. […]

5 Recruitment Methods for Finding the Best Hires

Recruiting for a job requires a cost-effective recruitment process to find the perfect hire. In this article, we will explore five of the best recruiting methods employers can use to make their hiring process easier, faster, and more successful. By employing more thorough, innovative recruitment methods, businesses can find the best possible candidates for the […]

How Long Do Background Checks Take?

When going through the employment verification process, you might wonder how long do background checks take? Many types of background checks exist, including employment screening and criminal background checks. The time needed to complete these depends on various factors such as the type of check, requested information, source, and legal requirements in your jurisdiction. Delays […]

What Is an SSN Trace?

In the business world, you’ll find that it’s prudent for you and other stakeholders to know what a social security number or SSN trace is in recruiting and vetting potential new candidates for your workforce. Ideally, you will feel confident that you understand what an SSN trace background check shows and when and why you […]

How to Avoid Fake Academic Credentials

As part of the hiring process, an important criterion to consider is what type of academic degrees they have and where they got them. While some people will only claim to have an undergraduate degree, others may claim to have one or more advanced degrees from an accredited academic institution, including Master’s degrees and Doctorates […]

Can a Felon Become a Nurse

There are a wide range of reasons why people choose to pursue a career in nursing – chief among them being that they get to help countless people by way of lifesaving care on a daily basis. Few other career opportunities allow you to make the meaningful, long-lasting impact this one does. In addition to […]

How to Find the Right Background Check Provider for Your Small Business

As your business expands in scope or size and you build up a more extensive customer base, your employee ranks will also need to increase so you can better meet demand and achieve your new goals. Your HR department likely relies on computers and the internet to some degree when it comes to vetting candidates. […]

The Importance of Pre-Employment Social Media Screening

Any business with available positions always wants to attract and retain top talent. Not only are they constantly on the lookout for the most qualified people, but they want to make sure they’re also avoiding situations like potential theft, criminal behavior, and more – all of which can harm a company’s reputation irreparably. Background checks […]