Benefits of Outsourcing Credentialing Services

In the rapidly changing world of a medical practice or healthcare organization, credentialing is a crucial element that helps verify your medical staff’s professional status and qualifications. Credential verification helps to put patients and staff alike at ease, ensuring that your medical staff has the competency and legitimacy required for the rigorous requirements of the […]

4 Strategies for Improving Recruitment and Retention in Healthcare

recruitment and retention strategies in healthcare

The healthcare field is expected to grow 13% over the next decade. In fact, enrollments in medical school are higher than ever. While being a doctor is only one healthcare profession, it’s safe to say that thousands, if not millions, of new healthcare workers will need to be trained, monitored, and entrusted with countless lives. […]

How to Prevent Workplace Violence in Healthcare

One of the most significant risks in healthcare is also one of the most untalked-about factors: violence in the workplace. Healthcare professionals deal with individuals experiencing drug psychosis, mental health crises, violent offenders, and more. That’s why any hiring manager in the healthcare field needs to have a plan to prevent violence in the workplace. […]

6 Common Types of Medical Malpractice

Up to 19% of physicians are accused of malpractice annually. These incidents impact the lives of patients, their families, and healthcare organization employees. Studies show that 99% of life-long medical practitioners will deal with a malpractice lawsuit by the time they reach age 65. Ensuring that your organization minimizes the risks and impact of malpractice […]

What To Know About Home Healthcare Background Checks

There are thousands of home healthcare companies in the US. Hiring managers and candidates looking for a career as a home health aide have one thing in common. They’ll both need to know about caregiver background checks. Here’s everything you need to know about home healthcare background checks.  Which Types Of Home Health Care Workers […]

Requirements for an HHA vs. a CNA

A healthcare career comes in many different forms. Home Health Aide (HHA) and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) are two of the most popular forms. But what’s the best choice between an HHA vs. CNA, and how can you benefit from either?  Here’s everything you need to know about HHA vs. CNA.  What is the difference […]

How to Become a Certified Home Health Aide

Medicine is one of the fastest-growing fields, and it’s projected to provide millions of new jobs over the next few years. That’s just one of the reasons that getting a home health aide certification is a great idea. But how do you get started? And what exactly can you expect? Here are the ins and […]

Understanding the Levels of Nursing Degrees

Are you interested in becoming a nurse but feel overwhelmed by the thought of all the nursing credentials and qualifications required? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. As a current or prospective nursing student, it can be challenging to make sense of all the different types of available credentials for nurses that you can pursue. To […]

Top Tips for Hiring Traveling Nurses

Traveling nurses have become increasingly popular since their emergence onto the healthcare workforce scene— thanks to their reliability, flexibility, and adaptability. These unique traits often make them one of the most sought-after nursing positions in the industry. Competition for these Mobile Angels of Mercy can be fierce. This article will provide actionable tips for travel […]

How To Foster Employee Retention In Healthcare

Hospitals, human resource representatives, and healthcare administrators are all too familiar with the challenges of healthcare employee retention. It is a commonly accepted fact that great employees are hard to come by. Therefore, once you are lucky enough to them, it’s important to keep them on board. Fortunately, there are many staff retention strategies in […]

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