4 Reasons Why Tech Startups Should Run Background Checks

Running a new startup will take all of your time and focus. One critical task you must keep top of mind is ensuring that you recruit the best and brightest candidates. The best way to improve your chances of encountering such promising talent is by taking the idea of background checks for small businesses seriously. […]

How to Reduce Employee Turnover in Restaurants

As a restaurant owner, your employees aren’t just an integral part of your business – they are your business in various ways. They say, “you can only make one first impression, so you’d better make it a good one.” Your employees are responsible for precisely that. They greet people when they walk into your establishment […]

Why Hiring is Important for Company Culture

What is company culture

Among owners, managers, and other key stakeholders in a business, a pressing question will eventually arise about how to improve company culture. Indeed, a major worry on the minds of executives at organizations large and small has to do with, can employees change a company’s culture? Here is insight into why hiring is important for […]

4 Mistakes Made When Healthcare Background Screening and How to Avoid Them

When hiring healthcare workers, you have a responsibility to your organization and the patients you serve to conduct appropriate and thorough healthcare background screenings. The medical industry holds a trusted position in society because human lives are at stake, and professionalism is the watchword at all levels of employment in this sector. Whether you are […]

7 Tips for Hiring During the Great Resignation

The Right Background Check Not only are we still living through a global pandemic, but we’re also living amid the Great Resignation. As a result, more and more people are deciding to leave their jobs and search for something better. If you look at the numbers, a staggering amount have recently quit their jobs. In […]