What Makes You Fail A Background Check

You’ve found your dream job and spruced up your resume. Your last concern? A failed background check. Millions of Americans are denied jobs based on background check data. But will your specific past prevent you from job employment? Here’s what every job-seeker needs to know about failed background checks and their causes. What Do Employers […]

Can Background Check Errors Happen?

Running a business is made of a series of informed decisions. And it starts with the hiring process. Hiring managers review resumes, references, job qualifications, and background checks to separate the ideal candidate from everyone else. But what if the data you’re using to decide is outdated or just plain wrong? How do you get […]

The Ultimate Guide To Background Check Compliance

Compliance can cost industries billions of dollars. While the stakes aren’t always that high, it’s safe to say that losing money to fines hurts your financial bottom line. Even if money isn’t a factor, failure to comply impacts employees and business reputation and can decrease sales. The list of negatives for failing to comply could […]

How to Check References During Employment Screening

Anyone who made a less-than-stellar hiring decision knows the same thing – sometimes, even the worst candidate looks good on paper. And with the rise of A.I. generated resumes, a well-crafted cover letter and the perfect qualifications are more accessible than ever to replicate. Thankfully, you have one of the oldest and most proven techniques […]

How to Read a Background Check

Background checks have been around since the first caveman applied for a job. But background checks as we know them have only been around since 1993. That said, the purpose of a background check remains the same – weed out candidates who aren’t a good fit. There are many different types of checks, and depending […]

Background Check API Integration Guide

Communication is vital for any successful business. From communicating with customers or employees to communicating with software. That’s where background check APIs come into play. As a hiring manager, you must make the most of your resources. But what exactly is API? And exactly how many acronyms do you have to learn to be successful […]

How Far Back Does a Background Check Go?

It’s 2023, and the US job market is surging. Hundreds of thousands of new jobs are being filled, and hiring managers are tasked now more than ever with finding the ideal candidate. Candidates must be reliable, experienced, driven, and able to work collaboratively. That’s one of the many reasons that background checks are essential to […]

The Best Reference Check Questions to Ask

Reference checks are vital to the hiring process, as is making the most of any reference. Bad questions can cause confusion, complicate the process, and start you and your candidate off on the wrong foot. Asking the right questions has the opposite effect. An essential part of the hiring process is knowing the right questions […]

Bank Background Check: What to Expect

Finance is a growing industry and, as such, a great career option. Plus, higher education isn’t always a requirement for success – especially for entry and mid-level roles. That said, you’ll need to pass various bank background checks to get your foot in the door. Here are the ins and outs of what disqualifies you […]

What Information is Needed for a Background Check

Background checks are essential for the security of any business. Dozens of industries require federal and state mandates for candidate history. As a hiring manager, you must ensure the information to complete a background check is accurate. Which raises the question, what information is needed for a background check?  Here’s a quick read covering everything […]