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Background Checks for Your Retail Staffing Needs

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How KarmaCheck Provides Fast and Accurate Background Checks

At KarmaCheck, we offer fast turnaround times & cost-effective background checks. We’ve designed the user experience to allow gig workers to complete onboarding anywhere on their mobile devices where they spend most of their time.

Do Retail Stores do Background Checks?

Employers in retail businesses routinely use pre-employment background checks, due to the importance of hiring good employees on the first try. A background check for retail job hiring serves as the first line of defense against turnover, workplace violence, theft and fraud, which are major problems in retail.


What is a Standard Retail Background Check?

Good retail background checks should include the following:


Your Retail Store Background Check Solution


KarmaCheck offers efficient background checks for retail jobs with a fast turnaround time, providing you with a competitive edge in obtaining talent. You can get results instantly instead of days or weeks, as is the case with traditional background services. We also reduce hassles with AI-based exception handling. Get started with fast background checks from KarmaCheck today!

Fastest Retail Staff Background Checks at the Lowest Cost

Other vendors can take weeks, we get you results in under 5 minutes. 

Data shows that KarmaCheck often achieves 350% faster turnaround times–all at a lower price per search.

Light Check

$ 8.70
  • SSN Trace
  • Addresses, Names & DOB Verification
  • National Criminal Database Check
  • Sex Offender Registry Search

Standard Check

$ 16.80
  • SSN Trace
  • Addresses, Names & DOB Verification
  • National Criminal Database Check
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Global Watchlist
  • Unlimited County Criminal Search

Custom or Enterprise

  • ATS / HRIS integrations
  • Advanced features
  • Custom volume tiers
  • Premium Customer Service & Support
  • Varieties of background checks & screenings

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What are the requirements for retail staff background checks?

The retail industry requires employees to work with many coworkers and customers, which increases the risk of violence in the workplace. An employment background check from a reputable company like KarmaCheck can minimize the probability of hiring someone with a violent history, thus protecting the company from potential liability:

If this part-time or retail staff is representing your brand, it is essential that you know if they have a criminal record.

This search confirms a person’s criminal history at various court levels (County, State, and Federal criminal courts). They include investigations into offender registries from all 50 states and other US territories.

National Sex Offender searches scour national data for candidates convicted of a sex crime, including guilty pleas.

KarmaCheck’s proprietary machine learning compares a government document photo to a live selfie to ensure the candidate is not misrepresenting themself. The system also ensures that all subsequent background checks are conducted on the correct person.

If someone is handling a customer personal information or accessing delicate company documents, retail businesses have no way of knowing that person has a valid driver’s license, for example. Even if the application process requires them to provide a copy of a driver’s license, they could use someone else’s.


An education verification confirms where prospective Retail Employees went to school, what type of degree they have, and their graduation date. The process confirms educational credentials from universities, high schools, colleges, and GED equivalency exams.

This step in the screening process verifies the Retail staff candidate’s previously held jobs. Employment verification may also inquire how long an employee has been with the organization and whether they are eligible to be re-hired.


A search is conducted of hundreds of US government, international, healthcare, and regulatory databases identify individuals prohibited from specific industries such as healthcare or are on criminal lists.

These screenings ensure a candidate has all the necessary immunity and health qualifications inclusive of TB tests, Physicals, and more.

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It is what you need to feel secure when you rely on retail workers to run your business, greet your customers and handle those customers’ needs.

KarmaCheck has flexible pricing and subscription plans, so you can find something that fits your budget and needs. KarmaCheck offers predictable and fair pricing for an invaluable service.

Retail Brands must take that extra step and get a background check to protect their business and reputation. The retail industry is known for providing services to consumers on many levels of goods and services. The retail candidates applying for the positions are no exception. They do not want to go through a lengthy and challenging process to become a store cashier.

Your applicants can complete the process in just minutes. They will see the real-time progress of checks on a personalized dashboard. KarmaCheck offers a simple, streamlined process that is easy to use and provides accurate information.

The retail industry is evolving constantly, and businesses need to grow with it. KarmaCheck allows you to do background checks that will reduce your risk while allowing your business to grow and serve your customers.

The Retail industry serves consumers everyday, reviewing their personal data, including credit card information. 

Recruiters in Retail businesses often struggle to maintain an adequate pool of candidates with the necessary skills and experience. A Retail background check allows employers to assess candidates’ personal and work history before hiring. It also verifies the accuracy of their resumes, which is often a cause of rescinding an offer.

Employers who want to know “What are the requirements for retail screenings?” should obtain references from previous employers and personal acquaintances. The new employer may call these references to ask about the candidate’s character and disciplinary actions. This type of screening also includes a criminal background check, which typically searches multiple county, state and federal jurisdictions.

Some employers in Retail Companies also verify the candidate’s physical address, typically for positions that require the employee to live in a specific area. Employers for companies with unusually high security may require biometric data such as fingerprints and retina patterns.


At KarmaCheck, we offer fast turnaround times and cost-effective background checks. Fast background screenings require easy-to-use technology. We’ve designed the user experience to reach call center and Retail Staff (off hours) who spend most of their time on their mobile devices.

Your applicants can complete the process in just minutes and with more accuracy. They will see the real-time progress of checks on a personalized dashboard. KarmaCheck offers a simple, streamlined process that is easy to use and provides accurate information.

KarmaCheck’s one-stop provides results immediately, without having to spend hours digging through reports and offers the following:

  • Criminal background checks
  • Occupational health screening
  • Credential verifications
  • ID verifications
  • Education and employment verifications

Why Are Retail Staff Background Checks Important?

Hiring solid employees on the first try for a retail company is vital to running their businesses. Therefore, retail employers routinely use pre-employment background screenings as the first line of defense against turnover, workplace violence, theft and fraud, which are major problems in retail.

Many of the losses in this sector are due to shoplifting and returned items fraud, but theft by employees is more common. The National Retail Federation (NRF) reports that most retail losses are due to internal theft and fraud. In addition, retail workers in customer service also handle sensitive information about customers, such as their credit card numbers and contact details. Retail employers have a legal obligation to protect this data, and failure to do so can result in a negligent retail hiring claim. A retail store background check can reveal information about a candidate that demonstrates a potential risk of theft and fraud.

High turnover is another problem that retailers can address with background checks. It can increase expenses by requiring frequent training sessions to get new employees up to speed. Employment verification checks can identify applicants that frequently change employers in addition to confirming the accuracy of the information on the application.

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