The State of Hiring and Recruiting in 2023​

Find out what’s keeping Healthcare HR executives and HR leaders up at night and how they plan to hit their goals in 2023. Download the State of Hiring and Recruiting joint report.

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We surveyed more than 300 HR leaders about the metrics they use to track success and what they need to do to achieve them. We found that:

  • 95% use technology to track metrics
  • 73% set goals against cost per hire
  • 70% of HR leaders missed a key hire due to inefficient processes
  • Interestingly, HR leaders in healthcare were somewhat more likely (43%) to report missing a goal for filling a certain number of open positions compared to everyone else (28%).


The endless cycle of investment, effort and a lack of results leads to all-time-high burnout rates. 73% of leaders are experiencing burnout directly caused by hiring and recruiting.

How are they recalibrating and positioning their organizations for success?


Learn How HR Leaders Face the challenges of missed hires and goals

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Download the State of Hiring and Recruiting Report

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