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Recruiting Tips For Healthcare Staffing

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Recruiting is an essential part of growing and maintaining any organization. In healthcare staffing, recruiters are tasked not only with adding new team members, but ensuring that those team members are qualified and ready to contribute. Setting clear expectations and having a proper onboarding process will help ensure that candidates are set up for success.

Healthcare Recruiting Brings Unique Challenges

Healthcare staffing is complex, whether you’re looking to fill permanent roles or hire for temporary positions. With so many healthcare candidates leaving the industry or choosing to follow a non-clinical path, how can you ensure you’re finding the right people? 

Many healthcare facilities have a bevy of requirements and qualifications, which can be tricky to staff for. Especially with new grads, who may not have the necessary experience or licensure. 

This is why it’s important for recruiters to understand the industry and the roles that they are recruiting for. Scheduling regular team trainings and Q&As, and having industry education included in recruiter onboarding can help.

There are several factors that make the healthcare industry unique:

  • High demand and short supply 
  • Strict qualifications and licensing
  • Highly specialized skills
  • Compliance and certification
  • Geographic challenges, such as hiring for a rural hospital
  • High burnout and turnover rates
  • Need for coverage during weekends, nights, and irregular hours
  • Onboarding and integrating with each facility’s technology

Recruiting Tips for Healthcare Staffing Professionals

Word of mouth is essential in all aspects of healthcare, and this includes recruiting. People talk, and ensuring you create a positive experience for newcomers and existing staff will increase the likelihood of strong referrals coming in. Also, setting up a referral bonus is a great way to incentivize your staff, bring in qualified individuals, and create a cohesive culture. 

Managing your online presence is an often-overlooked part of the recruiting process. 84% of applicants consider their employer’s brand to be important, and this can entail everything from having a strong Linkedin presence, to an updated website, to positive Glassdoor reviews. Especially with reaching younger candidates, such as Millennials and Gen Zers, an online presence is something to focus on. 

Technology in general can be a great asset when it comes to recruiting, whether you’re using AI, an ATS to streamline recruiting, or optimizing your Careers page for mobile phones. After all, 6.9 billion people owned a smartphone in 2023, consisting of about 86.11% of the global population. Optimizing the application process, as well as your website, for mobile use will help attract more candidates. 

Networking and building relationships is also a great way to bring in new staff. Working with nearby schools and creating a mentorship program may allow you to establish a pipeline of future employees. 

Additionally, highlighting personal development and growth opportunities is a great way to bring in motivated candidates. Creating a robust and effective education and onboarding system will help you make a great impression and have better employee retention. 

Finally, consider bringing in Locum Tenens or other temporary workers. Karmacheck helps to speed up the background check process so you can bring in all employees in a faster, more efficient manner. According to Staffing Industry Analysts, “The locum tenens segment is expected to see 7% growth in revenue in 2024.”

Navigating Healthcare Staffing

Although healthcare staffing brings its own unique set of challenges, the expected growth in the industry means that there’s plenty of opportunity. 

Recruiting new employees, whether contracted or full-time staff, is a necessary part of growing and maintaining your business. These tips will help you know what to be aware of in order to make the recruitment process more intentional and effective.

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