LinkedIn Founder Says Fake Nurse Degree Scheme “Not Surprising at All”

Prosecutors and medical boards all over the country are still searching for the thousands of individuals with fake nursing degrees as part of Operation Nightingale, which involved the selling of some 7,600 phony degrees from three now-closed nursing schools in Southern Florida. The FBI is working with local law enforcement to bring anyone with a fake degree to justice, while nursing board officials are trying to stop these individuals from practicing medicine.

But Eric Ly, the co-founder of LinkedIn and the medical background check company KarmaCheck, says people lie on job applications all the time. “It’s really not surprising at all,” he recently told Becker’s Hospital Review. He explained that around 44% of the information listed on LinkedIn is likely untrue. People tend to indulge or simply make up important details such as where they work, what position they hold, and how long they’ve been there.

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