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We’re KarmaCheck, a credentialing platform meticulously designed to speed up turnaround times and uphold compliance for healthcare staffing.

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Faster Turnaround Times

Leverage KarmaCheck’s candidate-focused technology and onboarding automation to slash turnaround times by up to 46% for minimized drop-offs and increased on-time starts.

KarmaCheck vs Typical

Average Turnaround Times


6.4 Days

Industry Standard

12 Days

Trusted by the most forward-thinking organizations

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Simplify your systems and training by using our seamless services.

Customize the credentialing and screening process to meet specific healthcare facility requirements. 

Our efficiencies. Your advantage.

GET IT DONE: Slash push starts and drop-offs to supercharge your placement goals with the efficiency of our technology and automations. Say goodbye to sluggish processes and buckle up for a credentialing journey that’s not just faster but completes the process 2x faster compared to industry averages.  

Bill Rate (hourly) Monthly Revenue Impact²
Allied Health
Per Diem
Locum Tenens

SIMPLIFICATION: Streamline your systems and supercharge your training with our seamless services. Tailor screenings to precisely fit the unique needs of healthcare facilities, providing a level of flexibility that sets a new standard in efficiency. 

REAL SUPPORT: We’re here for you, delivering support with response times of less than a minute during normal business hours. Offload interactions with travelers to bring greater efficiencies to your processes. 





Reduction in Turnaround Time


Admin Hours Focused on Caring

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