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How to Speed Up the Hiring Process

Business is booming at your organization, and now you are faced with the all-important task of speeding up your hiring process. But, unfortunately, you may not have the systems in place to help you obtain more efficient results during employee hiring.

But faster hiring is essential to your company’s future success. How long is it taking you, on average, to source new recruits? As noted by LinkedIn in its analysis of 400,000 hires made through its platform, the median time to hire can reach, for example, 49 days for engineering, 40 days for marketing, and 33 days for administrative positions.

So how do you reduce the time to hire? The first thing to ask is why is the hiring process so slow? Read on for insight into the modern approach to vetting employees and learn how you can dramatically speed up the recruitment process.

Why Should You Speed Up the Hiring Process?

Suppose it’s not immediately apparent why you should be hiring more quickly. In that case, HR Daily Advisor notes that a fast hiring process can result in fewer dropouts of candidates who know they are in high demand.

And clearly, the faster you can bring new employees onboard, the sooner you can integrate them into your team and do things such as ramp up production or offer more comprehensive service, and so on.

Filling in gaps in your staff can help boost employee morale, since your team will no longer be stretched so thin, filling in for the missing workers.

Improve the Quality of Candidates

Checking references faster means avoiding the problem of the top contenders exiting midway through the recruitment process, which would leave you with just average talent.

To get access to higher-quality candidates, it’s worth considering doing a video interview with each of them. You can learn a lot about them from their body language and general demeanor. A benefit is this type of interview is more convenient for applicants as well as HR professionals, saving everybody a lot of time and effort.

Save Money and Resources

With the time, money, and resources that you save by working with third-party background checkers, you can put more money into your business operations.

How to Speed up the Recruitment Process

With gaps in your labor force, you and your colleagues may wonder how to make the hiring process faster. One of the main ways to achieve a fast hiring process is to pick a reputable partner from amongst current recruitment agencies. Working with experts whose sole focus is on finding the best applicants for positions will make the process go much faster and help to reduce time to hire.

Write More Accurate Job Descriptions

One time-honored solution to the problem of how to reduce the average time to hire a new employee is to pay close attention to your want ads. Go over your job descriptions with a fine-tooth comb to make sure you include all of the requisite skills as well as the benefits you offer.

Be Transparent with your Communication

Strive to be as accurate as possible in all forms of communication, from the help wanted ad, to the confirmation letter when you receive a person’s resume, to the updates you provide about the status of the recruitment process.

This keeps workers from dropping out due to frustration over a lack of timely communication and helps to reduce time to hire.

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