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How to Improve Candidate Experience in the Recruitment Process

Almost 90% of candidates think their interview and hiring experience with a business could be better. And as a hiring manager, that data is crucial to approaching every job requisition. Not only will a better candidate experience make it easier to attract quality employees, but it can also shorten the time it takes to fill a role. It’s a fact that many businesses need to consider how to improve candidate experiences in the hiring stage. This is likely because many of us forget that we need quality employees just as much as they need us. But what exactly can you do to boost candidate experiences and, in doing so, make your job easier?

Read on and find out. 

What is the Candidate Experience?

The candidate experience starts as soon as they first lay eyes on your job requisition and continues until the final interview process. It’s your chance to put your best foot forward and show a candidate why you’d be a good fit for them. Historically, an employee stays at a company for approx four years. That means it’s a big commitment for most of us, and quite often, the little things make all the difference in whether that candidate works for you or your competitor. Imagine practicing for an interview, dressing up for one, and then showing up only to find the hiring manager is late or rescheduled without telling you. Consider how the experience may taint your view of that role and company. 

Why is Candidate Experience Important?

Company culture is a significant factor in whether or not a person will accept a position. And often, the benefit of a positive company culture is far more appealing to a person than a similar job with slightly higher pay. At the end of the day, work is a lot easier if you like what you do. Plus, providing a good candidate experience offers your business better word of mouth. Even if you don’t hire a candidate with good experiences, they’re more likely to talk your company up to others who may apply for a role based on that feedback.

7 Tips on Improving Candidate Experience

Here are the top seven answers you need when thinking about how to improve candidate experience. 

Make it easy for candidates to apply for jobs

We’ve all heard the horror stories of a candidate spending time uploading a resume and job history questions only to have to do the same thing on the next page. And the next page. And the next page. Or having to register for an employer’s website to submit an interview only never to get a callback. 

Make the job easy to apply for by limiting the number of forms a person has to fill out or by investing in an autofill system once a resume is uploaded. Also, consider that not everyone works with high-speed internet and might be applying via mobile. Finally, consider filling out your company’s application process and having a few other employees do the same to get a consensus on ease and the time it takes to hit the final submit button.

Record important information on your candidate profiles

Anyone that’s ever had an open-book test understands the power of notes. With that in mind, create profiles for each of your candidates. It can be as easy as creating an excel sheet. You never know when that quality employee might be back on the market, and being able to reference your initial interview with them can go a long way. But candidate profiles aren’t just for the ideal candidate. For example, consider the candidate who almost got the position but lacked a crucial skill. If you interview them again, you’ll know exactly what you need from that specific candidate, making the whole process much easier.

Another great reason to record important info is that it comes in handy for future job requisitions. Keeping a database of qualified people for the role who missed out on it due to bad timing, a better competitor, etc., is a great way to attract quality talent proactively. If a similar role opens up a few months later, you’ll know exactly who to call. 

Write Clear Job Descriptions

Job descriptions can be a lot of things. They can be fun, serious, highly technical, or even incredibly short. One thing no good job description is is vague. You will only attract quality talent if they know what they’re applying for. Understanding your hiring role and putting the essential requirements front and center is up to you. Next up is including pay and benefits. And it doesn’t hurt to have a section covering what a person can expect day-to-day in the role. 

Coach Hiring Teams Before Interviews

Improve candidate experience by coaching hiring teams before the interview. Keeping your hiring team up on training will prevent legal missteps like infringing on fair chance hiring practices and make the hiring process smoother. Does each interview have 2-3 interviewers? Ensure they know which area they’ll be quizzing a candidate on. This prevents them from stepping on each other’s toes and presents a unified front.

Create a stress-free interviewing experience

Don’t worry. You won’t need to rent a yoga studio or buy candles to create a stress-free interviewing experience. In fact, creating a stress-free experience goes hand in hand with coaching your hiring team. Ensure everyone’s tone and body language is friendly, declutter the interview room, and build a little rapport before jumping straight into business. Just because your business may be fast-paced doesn’t mean the interview should be. Plus, a calm environment brings the best out of your candidate. 

Communicate Honestly and Clearly

Transparent communication is essential during the hiring process. If you tell a person you’ll contact them about the next steps within a set timeframe, stick to it. The more in the loop a candidate feels, the better. Also, remember to communicate job expectations and exactly what you’re looking for success in the role. 

Collect Feedback

Collecting feedback is essential to finding potential growth areas in your hiring process. Ask candidates about how to improve candidate experience and what they did or didn’t like about the process. Keep track of the suggestions that pop up more than a few times and implement small changes to fix them. 

How KarmaCheck Helps You Improve Candidate Experience

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