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How to Find the Right Background Check Provider for Your Small Business

As your business expands in scope or size and you build up a more extensive customer base, your employee ranks will also need to increase so you can better meet demand and achieve your new goals.

Your HR department likely relies on computers and the internet to some degree when it comes to vetting candidates. Therefore, now would be the ideal time to investigate your options for background check software for small business operators.

The sooner you can start finding promising recruits, the sooner you will be able to increase your capabilities, ramp up production, offer more services, and otherwise meet your customers’ needs. Let’s explore the different background checks and learn more about why they are so important in pre-employment screening.

Background Checks for Small Businesses

What kind of people are looking to work at your company? In addition to the resume and cover letter, you can learn some things by interviewing applicants, but you still need to look to external sources to verify the information.

A candidate may try to deceive potential employers about educational background, credentials, or work history. So, you have to double-check information instead of taking people at face value. Otherwise, you put your team, customers, and entire enterprise at risk because of a poor hiring decision.

Businesses, large and small, need to conduct background checks. In fact, small business background checks are crucial since your team will be limited, giving you less room for error if you happen to hire someone who turns out to be not the best fit.

What Are the Needs of Your Business?

Make a checklist of your company’s chief priorities before you look at the different background check businesses.

For example, do you need just one or a few positions checked at a time, or does your company hire multiple new workers? Small businesses with seasonal surges may need to hire a background check service that can quickly accommodate changes in volume.

Ideally, you will hire third-party experts with years of experience in the industry. This means that the company you partner with will be skilled in adhering to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and that it is aware of various questions that companies are not permitted to ask. As explained by CareerBuilder, one mistake with FCRA questioning in a background check could get you into legal difficulty.

Comparing Prices

You’ll need to do some comparison shopping to ensure you are getting the level of service you require, in line with your organization’s budget. As reported by Inc., pricing from full-service companies range from about $25 to $100 per applicant.

The amount you will need to pay may depend on such factors as how comprehensive the background testing will be. There are a lot of details to sort out, such as validating and tracing an applicant’s Social Security number to looking into people’s criminal history in your county, state or national databases.

For many businesses, filtering job seekers through the sex offender list is a top priority. For positions involving security and other sensitive situations, the OFAC global terrorist information will be a prime database to investigate.

Remember to examine any additional potential charges, such as a registration fee.

As you evaluate the price levels for background checks for small businesses, verify what kind of customer service is available to see that the help desk they offer is in line with your staff’s skills, knowledge and experience.

It’s worth keeping in mind that to source the best applicants for your positions, spending money with a reputable firm to run background checks will give you and your team the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a solid and dependable workforce.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, it’s a good idea to ask a provider if you are eligible for a discount if you will run numerous background checks annually.

Comparing Services

You get what you pay for when it comes to background check companies for small businesses. So, you’ll want to see if the business offers the kinds of turnaround times that you anticipate needing for your recruitment process to mesh with your hiring objectives.

If you have to wait extra days to get definitive answers about a potential new candidate, this might affect your internal timelines, project milestones and even your marketing campaigns.

If you have a specific need to thoroughly check court records for information on a job applicant, for example, or if you are hiring employees who will work with children or will have responsibilities in highly sensitive positions, it’s of vital importance that you select a company that has years of experience looking into individuals’ criminal records. This will include making an investigation to avoid hiring sex offenders or those with a violent background.

Deciding on a Background Check Provider

Arranging for employee background checks for small businesses is a critical part of your company’s ongoing success. You don’t want to make decisions lightly. It’s often helpful to create a pros and cons list, to help you see the drawbacks and positive aspects of going with one company instead of another.

Since your future hiring decisions will rely on the quality of the data and the work that your background check company offers, it’s prudent to take your time in the decision-making process with yourself and fellow stakeholders in the organization in order to find the best small business background check service.

Make Your Small Business More Competitive With the Help of Efficient Background Checks

Time is money, and you are so busy that you are already pressed to find the hours each day that you need to meet your core responsibilities.

But being short on time shouldn’t get in the way of small business owners doing a comprehensive employment background check on each recruit. And such investigations should always include criminal background checking. The safety of your employees, customers, investors, vendors, and visitors to your facility depends on having an adequately vetted workforce.

With an easier way to run a background check for small business owners, you can work more with your limited resources.

That’s why the team at KarmaCheck has developed a sophisticated and highly efficient platform to help businesses like yours run the necessary employer verification and employee background checks you need for HR peace of mind. For more information about KarmaCheck’s capabilities or to get answers to any questions you might have, get in touch with us today.


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