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How to Effectively Recruit Healthcare Workers

The pandemic made it clear to everyone how essential healthcare workers are, but it came at a cost. The Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation found that it increased worker burnout and exasperated existing mental health concerns. Staffing shortages at hospitals began during the early months of the pandemic, and many hospitals reported critical issues throughout the crisis.

With the pandemic mostly behind the country, the declining numbers of healthcare workers persist. Now is the time for facilities to address recruitment in healthcare.

What Is the Healthcare Staffing Shortage?

There was an existing staffing problem in the healthcare industry before the pandemic. But, thanks to COVID-19 and what many call the “great resignation,” it continues to be a plague.

There is a critical need to prioritize nursing recruitment. A 2022 study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states the country will need an additional 275,000 nurses before 2030.

The needs of the healthcare industry extend beyond nursing staff, though. A lack of nurses means other healthcare professionals, including clinicians, must step in and fill that void. In addition, the staffing shortage has a tangible effect on patient outcomes, especially in critical care units.

There are also issues with medical offices getting staff, causing a shortage of case managers and billing agents. That need leads to a competitive labor market between medical practices and hospitals, each trying to recruit the best talent. So what are effective recruitment strategies for healthcare organizations?

Shorter Hiring Process

Building a simplified hiring process will make applicants feel appreciated and reduce stress. It is important to remember that every potential employee might also be a customer. Efficiency is one of the most essential healthcare recruitment strategies for organizations looking to shorten their hiring process.

Some ways to make it more streamlined include:

  • Use a quick and user-friendly application.
  • Provide a clear message on what the job is and the expectations of it.
  • Provide clear information on the compensation and benefits.
  • Use a healthcare background check service such as KarmaCheck to reduce background check wait times. 

This will help eliminate some less qualified candidates and get job seekers through the hospital hiring process faster.

Contingent Hiring

Contingent hiring allows healthcare businesses to ensure they have enough staff when needed. What is contingent hiring?

Through a third-party agency, you can hire pre-qualified staff members to work. This way, they don’t go through the application process at the hospital; a hiring manager at the agency does the legwork for you.

The contingent employee is a temporary worker who stays for as long as you need. Contingent hiring is a practical way to fill the gaps when they occur. For example, many hospitals hire a traveling nurse recruiter to staff weak areas.

Expanding Your Pool of Applicants

The more qualified applicants available, the faster and easier it will be to fill positions. First, consider how nursing recruitment  is done. What tools are in use? For example, posting open positions on the job boards will get the word out that you are hiring. Also, the hiring manager can actively scout sites like or CareerBuilder looking for qualified candidates.

Employees look for employers that allow them to grow in their careers, so hire within when possible. You may be able to promote someone currently on staff and then hire for a job that is easier to fill. Keep the team informed on job openings and the hospital hiring process. If it is not suitable for them, they may be able to make a recommendation.

Hospitals must build relationships with schools and take part in their placement process. You can recruit directly from nursing programs and medical schools. Looking at the list of graduates will give you access to some of the newest talent available on the market.

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