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Background Checks for the Hospitality Industry

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Fast Turnaround Times and Efficient Checks

The hospitality industry has always been challenging to recruit for, with long hours, low pay, and a lack of career progression.

That’s why we provide fast turnaround times without compromising on the quality of our checks. Our efficient checks ensure that you receive accurate results in a timely manner.


What background screenings are available for the hospitality industry?

The thoroughness of background check requirements for hospitality varies according to factors like the employer’s preferences and the level of trust required for the position.


If this part-time or freelance worker is representing your brand, it is essential that you know if they have a criminal record.

This search confirms a person’s criminal history at various court levels (County, State, and Federal criminal courts). They include investigations into offender registries from all 50 states and other US territories.

National Sex Offender searches scour national data for candidates convicted of a sex crime, including guilty pleas.

KarmaCheck’s proprietary machine learning compares a government document photo to a live selfie to ensure the candidate is not misrepresenting themself. The system also ensures that all subsequent background checks are conducted on the correct person.

If someone is driving passengers or delivering food, businesses have no way of knowing that person has a valid driver’s license, for example. Even if the application process requires them to provide a copy of a driver’s license, they could use someone else’s.


An education verification confirms where the candidate went to school, what type of degree they have, and their graduation date. The process confirms educational credentials from universities, high schools, colleges, and GED equivalency exams.


This step in the screening process verifies the candidate’s previously held jobs. Employment verification may also inquire how long an employee has been with the organization and whether they are eligible to be re-hired.


A search is conducted based on hundreds of US government, international, healthcare, and regulatory databases to identify individuals who are prohibited from specific industries such as healthcare, or are on criminal lists.


These screenings ensure a candidate has all the necessary immunity and health qualifications inclusive of TB tests, Physicals, and more.

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KarmaCheck has reduced turnaround times for background checks in half by implementing a text messaging tool that candidates prefer over email.

Our machine learning-based background check platform is built to handle large volumes of background checks and deliver consistently fast turnaround times throughout the year.

With our candidate-centric approach, cost-effective solutions, and efficient checks, KarmaCheck is the best background check solution for the hospitality industry.


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