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How to Hire Gig Economy Talent

You’re not alone if you need to know how to hire gig workers! Business is booming or is about to take off in your organization, and you need to fill the gaps in your employee ranks as soon as possible.

But in the wake of the “Great Resignation,” it may be much more challenging to find new recruits to bring onboard as permanent employees. Or, your business operations call for temporary workers, so you can remain flexible. This is often the case for companies that make most of their sales during high-volume periods, such as around the holidays.

You may  need to hire a lot of gig workers because your business is engaged in crowdfunding, and you have a lot of units to ship out quickly following a successful online campaign. Your supply chain and logistics will depend on bringing in a group of workers you can feel confident in hiring, even if only temporarily.

Like many companies in such circumstances, you are eyeing the use of gig economy talent.

If you’re not accustomed to expanding your workforce with gig workers, here is some insight on recruiting gig economy talent and conducting background checks on gig workers to help smooth the way for you and your team.

What is a Gig Worker?

So, what exactly is a “gig worker?” As the name indicates, this kind of employee finds employment in the “gig economy.” As explained by Indeed, “the gig economy refers to temporary and flexible jobs, rather than traditional full-time jobs that consist of the basic 9 to 5 schedule.” These individuals tend to be in search of temporary work as a freelancer or independent contractors.

They often would like to  gig work from home. Such recruits prefer this kind of work to allow themselves some flexibility in their days, such as if they have to take care of children or an ailing parent.

Benefits of Gig Economy Workers for Employers

A chief benefit to employers in hiring gig economy employees is financial. Per People Keep, “Hiring a gig worker can help businesses meet their immediate employment needs while reducing employment costs.” Rather than having a long, expensive hiring process for a temporary position, hiring a vetted gig worker can save money and time. Another benefit of the gig economy for employers is that you can get by with a lot less real estate if you are onboarding new recruits to gig work from home. If you have limited office space or are downsizing, hiring gig workers that would prefer to work remote is a great solution for your business. The impact of the gig economy for employers is incredibly beneficial for organizations that are going through a growth or transition period. 

If you’ve been a victim of the Great Resignation and have been casting about for ways to fill your ranks again, gig workers could be just what you need to keep things humming along in your organization.

How to Hire Gig Workers

First, you have to remember that gig workers are looking for a faster response than expected in traditional job searchers. Often, they are holding multiple gig roles simultaneously and need to balance different job opportunities. You may need to adjust your hiring and onboarding process accordingly, so you can land one or more gig workers as soon as possible.

You can place your want ads in the usual places, such as your website, social channels, and recruiting marketplaces. The more notices you put out there, the bigger the net to attract new employees.

However, there is one area where you do not want to cut corners. That has to do with conducting thorough background checks.

Background Checks for Gig Workers

Background checks encompass more than simply glancing at a resume or double-checking that the recruit hasn’t posted something inappropriate on social media.

For best results, you’ll work with third-party professionals, such as the team at KarmaCheck to conduct your gig economy background checks. They know how to get the important details about workers and their backgrounds, to help achieve a much better fit for the organizations that need to hire them for their talent, skills and knowledge.

Get Started Hiring Gig Workers With the Help of KarmaCheck Today

When it’s time to onboard gig workers, the process will be a little different than when evaluating a conventional job seeker.

But since the gig economy is becoming a significant aspect of remote work these days, it makes sense to adjust your hiring process. In particular, you will want to rely on professionals for guidance during that all-important gig economy background check you will need to conduct for each recruit.

To discover more about gig economy benefits for companies or to get started with our background checking services, get in touch with KarmaCheck today.


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