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Why Hiring is Important for Company Culture

What is company culture

Among owners, managers, and other key stakeholders in a business, a pressing question will eventually arise about how to improve company culture. Indeed, a major worry on the minds of executives at organizations large and small has to do with, can employees change a company’s culture?

Here is insight into why hiring is important for company culture, with suggestions on hiring tips and signs of good company culture for you to keep top of mind.

How to Improve Company Culture Through Hiring

If you haven’t given much thought to company culture, in the context of improving your overall operations, now is the perfect time to take the matter more seriously. Why is it so important? As noted by a report from Glassdoor, more than 77% of job seekers would give careful consideration to a company’s culture before considering hiring for a job.

Furthermore, some 56% of respondents to the survey indicated that they think good company culture is of higher importance than the salary. That’s something to keep in mind as you work to improve job satisfaction amongst your ranks.

What is Company Culture?

Put simply, company culture “refers to the attitudes and behaviors of a company and its employees,” according to a report from The Balance, which notes that “it is evident in the way an organization’s people interact with each other, the values they hold, and the decisions they make.”

Examples of company culture include a focus on “going the extra mile” for coworkers in need of assistance as well as when providing service to customers. A company’s culture may be enshrined in its mission statement, such as to focus on delivering higher value for the customer’s limited budget.

Other elements of company culture include how you lay out your office or factory setup, your dress code and statement of values.

Company Culture Types

As you contemplate how to improve company culture by paying more attention to the types of individuals you hire, it’s useful to consider these four company culture types, as spelled out by BreatheHR.

* Family: A friendly environment composed of people who tend to have a lot in common with one another.

* Adhocracy: This kind of company culture is driven by being flexible and success-oriented, in an innovative environment.

* Market: Here, the emphasis is on achieving results above all else. Workers must focus on their performance metrics as the company aims for a better bottom line and relentless growth.

* Hierarchy: A traditional form of corporate culture, this has to do with the structure and ways to do things correctly from the company’s perspective. This is typically used in highly organized working environments.

Identifying Good Company Culture

Identifying good company culture is easier when you have open communication and people feel free to speak their minds (or use the suggestion box anonymously, as the case may be). Ideally, you will promote transparency in all endeavors.

Signs of good company culture include employee tenure (those who stay with you for the long haul indicate that this is a great place to work), ease of communication and referrals from current employees about new potential recruits. After all, if the employees like working there to the point that they recommend others to work there, you can count on it being a great job site.

Why Hiring is Important for Company Culture

Hiring for company culture is important because when you seek those who are a better fit in your organization, you can decrease the level of employee turnover that’s been harming your bottom line.

When workers feel that they truly fit into the culture, they will naturally want to stick around. That’s key for improving your employee retention statistics.

Hiring for Company Culture

You can do a lot for the employee experience when you make an effort to improve the overall workplace culture. Remember that you have to vet employees during the recruitment phase, so you can ensure that you have some good fits to consider.

Filtering out potential workers who won’t make a good contribution to the culture should be at the heart of your hiring efforts, no matter your company culture type. That’s the case whether the culture stems from a feeling of family atmosphere, market forces, adhocracy, or the more traditional hierarchical approach.

Depend on KarmaCheck to Help You Boost Your Company’s Culture

Improving and not just maintaining good company culture is essential for the long-term prospects of your organization. Since hiring the right individuals is fundamental for building culture, it makes sense to partner with professionals who have years in the hiring space.

At KarmaCheck, we take pride in our approach to hiring for company culture. From strengthening the interview process to bringing a renewed focus to the nuts and bolts of organizational culture, we are in your corner. To learn more about promoting a good culture fit with a goal toward boosting employee satisfaction, contact the experts at KarmaCheck today.


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