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Do Tech Companies Do Background Checks?

Although the tech industry has recently hit some bumps, the sector still represents a significant proportion of the workforce! And with millions of tech jobs still on the horizon, it’s the best time to start your career. Just keep in mind that tech companies value their privacy, especially if they’re working on new software, expanding into new markets, etc. And one of the best ways any tech company can ensure they’re getting the best candidate is through background checks. Here are the 1’s and 0’s on tech company background checks. 

Most tech companies use resources like KarmaCheck for in-depth background checks on potential employees. The most common checks are

  • ID Verification
  • Fingerprinting
  • Motor Vehicle Record
  • Criminal Record
  • Education History
  • Credit Report

You may be subject to all six types of background checks. 

Why Running Background Checks is Important

Background checks are essential for any business, especially those dealing with sensitive data like proprietary software. There are plenty of reasons for tech companies to run a background check. Tech company background checks give employers peace of mind that they’re hiring the perfect person for the role and doing their part to provide a safe and nurturing environment. 

What Kind of Background Checks Do Tech Companies Run?

Of the six types of background checks, most tech companies are all but guaranteed to use the following.

ID Verification: Major tech companies prioritize security, and ensuring you are who you say, is a big part of that.

Education History: Education history covers everything from degrees to applicable licenses. That means don’t stretch your qualifications too far. 

Criminal Record: Criminal records are pretty crucial to the average employer. Tech companies use them to ensure the safety of their workers, meet mandates, and more. So having a criminal record and working in tech is possible, but you must be transparent and assume the employer already knows the gist. The exception exists in states with Fair Chance Hiring practices in which an employer is forbidden from running a background check until it’s time to make an official offer. 

What Can Make You Fail a Background Check?

Plenty of things can cause you to fail a background check. Here are the most common.

False Credentials: Discrepancies with employment history and education are a major red flag for tech companies. The best way to avoid this is by ensuring your resume is accurate and that you’re in good standing with any referrals you’ve listed.

Criminal Records: Minor offenses won’t necessarily disqualify you from employment. Most employers rule out less than 10% of applicants for criminal offenses. Don’t let your past keep you from a bright future. Stay competitive and apply to as many relevant jobs as possible. 

Incomplete Records: Changing your name or moving to a new country are just a few reasons you may have an incomplete record. Companies like KarmaCheck use advanced systems to pull reliable data for employers. But on the rare chance that your records are missing or have unverified info, companies may prefer the safer bet. Request a copy of your report and review it with a hiring manager if incomplete records become a thorn in your side.

What to Expect From a Background Check

Tech company background checks reveal everything about your employment, criminal history, and more. Employers use this info and your interview to make informed decisions in the digital age. The info in your background check shouldn’t surprise you. If there are discrepancies, bring them up with your employer and be prepared to provide documents that disapprove of any errors. 

Employers can use KarmaCheck to stay updated with industry standards by checking candidate history. It’s easy to get started and an excellent tool for hiring managers. Let KarmaCheck help you streamline the hiring process and provide peace of mind. Get started today. 


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