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Do Hotels Do Background Checks On Employees

The hotel industry is rapidly growing. That means it might be time to hitch your career to a stable yet expanding industry. The right hotel job comes with job security, financial stability, and tons of variety. But what exactly do hotels look for in employees? Do hotels do background checks? And if so, what kind of background check do hotels do? 

Start your career in the hotel industry with this behind-the-scenes info from KarmaCheck. Here’s what you need to know about background checks and hotel employment. 

Do Hotels Do Background Checks?

The average hotel runs background checks on all potential employees. In fact, top-tier hotels may even run basic checks on certain guests. As hotel employees are often responsible for guests’ belongings and safety, it’s easy to see why hotels would run background checks. If you plan to apply at a reputable hotel, expect to have your entire legal history, education history, and more on full display. 

What Kind Of Background Checks Do Hotels Do?

There are six primary types of background checks, and the hotel might run all of them depending on which position you’re applying for. So, here’s a quick summary of each type.

Fingerprint: Hotels run your fingerprints to ensure you are who you say you are. It’s a simple check that makes other background checks more relevant and helps prevent you from experiencing mistaken identity. Plus, you may discover your long-lost twin. 

Education: Education means everything from college degrees to trade licenses. For example, the hotel masseuse may undergo an education background check to ensure they qualify for the position. Or the chef may undergo a similar check to verify they’ve got a culinary degree. (Not falling for a Ratatouille situation ever again.)

Credit Background: Credit background checks are pretty niche and may not apply to most hotel policies. However, you can’t rule out credit history checks if you handle money, work in the onsite casino, etc. The minimum credit score for a job will often be part of the job requisition. 

Criminal: Hotels may run a criminal background check on candidates. If you’ve tangled with the law and want to work in a hotel, learning about Fair Chance Hiring practices and how they can benefit you is a good idea. 

MVR: Motor vehicle reports give hotels peace of mind that you know what you’re doing behind the wheel. This check is crucial for valets, chauffeurs, maintenance vehicle drivers, etc. 

Identity: ID verification, much like fingerprinting, verifies you are who you say you are. If you plan to work as a hotel bartender, ID checks are required. 

What Shows Up on a Hotel Background Check

When a hotel runs a series of background checks, they learn practically all there is to know about a candidate’s history. So if you have a lengthy criminal sheet, less-than-stellar driving records, or have stretched the truth too far, expect to have it brought up in the interview. Alternatively, hotels may disqualify you without specifying the reason. What shows up on a hotel background check depends on the type of check they run, but you can expect them to find anything relevant to the position.

Why Background Checks Are Important For Hotels

Hotels are entrusted with identification, account numbers, and expensive items. And they’re liable for legal trouble, poor reviews, and more if hotel employees are involved in a theft. For that reason and others, hotel hiring practices benefit from background checks. Legal trouble could cost a hotel a lot of money if they don’t do their due diligence when it comes to hiring. Hotel employees are often alone in guests’ bedrooms and may transport guests, handle money, or serve alcohol. 

Legal Regulations Around Hospitality Background Checks

Legal regulations around hotel background checks will vary from state to state. However, there are several government standards that hotels and any business will need to be aware of. This includes but isn’t limited to Fair Chance Hiring practices, Age discrimination (ageism), the equal pay act, and civil rights acts. Hotel hiring managers should read up on all the legal regulations to ensure they’re doing everything by the book.


Hotels are a timeless industry that shows no signs of slowing down. Plus, working in hotels can come with unique benefits. If a career in hospitality is in your future, then be prepared to undergo a background check. 

Hotel hiring managers should leverage KarmaCheck to get the skinny on all potential employees. Access to reliable, in-depth data helps you make a more informed decision. Contact us today and learn your options. 


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