Seamless Integration, Effortless Hiring: Unleashing the Power of KarmaCheck and Bullhorn

Experience an efficient hiring process with the powerful integration of Bullhorn and KarmaCheck’s fast, accurate, and compliant background checks.

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Key Advantages

1. Unified Platform


With KarmaCheck integrated into Bullhorn, run and manage background checks directly within Bullhorn for an effortless and efficient hiring workflow.


2. Real-Time Updates


Gain real-time insights and updates on the status of background checks directly within Bullhorn.


3. Customizable Fields


Have complete control over your hiring process. Customize fields to surface information critical to your organization.


4. Ensured Compliance


Mitigate risks with KarmaCheck’s full compliance assurance. Limit team member access to PII/PHI and order reports per your requirements.


The KarmaCheck and Bullhorn Difference

KarmaCheck’s integration with Bullhorn is all about simplicity, efficiency, and transparency. Here’s how this integration stands out: 


Leverage the power of KarmaCheck’s AI for accurate and efficient background checks.


Empower candidates to complete their checks conveniently from their phones in minutes.


Ensure constant compliance with automatic background checks for active employees.


Gain deeper insights into your candidate’s screening progress, mitigating delays and uncertainty in the hiring process.



KarmaCheck’s industry-leading and efficiency-driven approach enables us to streamline the hiring process and eliminating unnecessary friction points that delay candidate placement.
Evan Sohn

KarmaCheck’s Impact and Results

By integrating KarmaCheck’s platform into Bullhorn, you gain the benefits of our fast, accurate, and user-friendly system.

This integration offers a complete view of your recruitment life cycle, fostering better collaboration across teams and minimizing human errors. Candidate placement becomes faster and simpler.

Streamline your hiring process with the KarmaCheck and Bullhorn integration today.


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