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No more chasing papers. Find out how KarmaCheck’s API-first, candidate-centric platform powers faster employment screens so you can place trusted candidates faster.

Effortlessly Search and Verify with Our All-in-One Platform

KarmaCheck designed our user experience to reach candidates where they are most–on their mobile devices. Simplify your screening process with KarmaCheck’s all-in-one platform and comprehensive dashboard, providing faster results to help make quicker hiring decisions.

Engineered For Speed

KarmaCheck provides fast turnaround times and more efficient checks, giving you the competitive edge. Our AI and digitized exception handling reduce any hassles and enable you to place your workforce faster — so you can get results instantly.

One-Stop Shop

Stop coordinating multiple systems for screenings & verifications and simplify with KarmaCheck’s integrated solution; integrating thousands of background check sources and hundreds of industry-specific databases.

Budget-Friendly Solution

Launch a cost-effective solution designed for your needs, powered by KarmaCheck’s innovative data and technology approach: saving on costs through flexible pricing and subscription plans and better budgeting from predictable pricing.

Why Are Background Checks Important
Public Safety

  • Screening out individuals with a history of violent or dangerous behavior.

    Legal and regulatory compliance

  • Ensuring that an organization is in compliance with requirements in certain industries or positions.

    Risk management

  • Identifying potential risks associated with hiring an individual or granting them access to certain facilities or information.
  • How KarmaCheck Can Help You
    KarmaCheck's advanced background check technology provides accurate and comprehensive reports on criminal history, employment, education, and more.

    Our team of experienced investigators and researchers ensures the highest level of accuracy and privacy, and we offer fast turnaround times and competitive pricing.

    Don't just take our word for it - see why KarmaCheck is trusted by businesses worldwide and try our tool today.
    How KarmaCheck Optimizes Workflows
    Achieve a simple, streamlined experience with candidates with flexible integration options that work well with your hiring and onboarding processes.

  • KarmaCheck’s optimized user experience significantly lowers candidate drop-off rates.

  • Orchestrate fine-grain control with easy-to-use and advanced APIs.

  • Initiate checks and receive results with ATS integrations.
  • Why KarmaCheck Screenings are so Easy
    KarmaCheck’s candidate-friendly user experience reaches candidates where they are most these days--on their mobile devices. Your candidates can complete their onboarding faster and more accurately. And the best thing? You will never struggle through 20-page reports again.

  • Candidates can onboard anywhere and anytime.

  • Candidates see real-time updates through a personalized dashboard.

  • KarmaCheck’s dashboard ensures you are always informed during the process: getting fast results and make hiring decisions quickly.
  • How KarmaCheck Navigates FCRA Compliance
    The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law that seeks to protect the interests of consumers by providing guidelines for the use, collection, and dissemination of personal and professional information.

    Use background check companies that are certified by the federal government.

    Obtain written permission from applicants before conducting any background check screening services. Inform applicants about their background check results. Notify applicants if any negative information is found in their background report.

    Provide prospective employees with an employment verification letter alerting them to the possibility of a background check before officially hiring them as an in-house staffer or remote worker.
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    Trusted by Industry Leaders

    KarmaCheck’s Background Check Services

    Engineered for speed, KarmaCheck provides fast turnaround times and more efficient checks, giving you the edge in competing for the same talent. Reduce your risk of hiring the wrong talent and potential claims from negligent hiring with industry-leading background screening services.

    Criminal Background Check

    Obtain a complete overview of an individual’s criminal history with a detailed report featuring publicly available legal records from national, federal, state, county courts, and state agencies. Additional screenings…

    … include national and state sex offender registries, and global security watchlist – which includes databases such as OFAC, OIG, SAM, and GSA. 

    Drug Testing

    Ensure the safety and well-being of your employees with KarmaCheck’s employment drug screening program. Designed to meet your company’s policy and obligations, our options help you maintain regulatory compliance and

    ... support a drug-free workplace. KarmaCheck offers all standard panels, DOT drug testing, oral/hair testing, and a wide range of custom drug panels. Our platform gives you the transparency to see the exact status of the drug screen in process and the contact information for the medical review officer (MRO) processing the sample.

    US Education Verification

    Verifying a candidate’s academic history is crucial in ensuring that they have the necessary skills and qualifications to be an asset to your team. KarmaCheck can help confirm the authenticity of degrees earned in the US and internationally, 

    ... allowing you to make informed hiring decisions. We support high school, GED, college/university, certifications, trade school, and more.

    Employment Verification

    Ensuring that a job candidate’s information is accurate and that they have the necessary experience for the role is important for building a trusted team. KarmaCheck streamlines this process, making it quick and easy to verify

    ... work history inclusive of job title, dates employed, and more.

    Personal & Professional
    ID Verifications

    Professional licenses are crucial for many industries, and verifying that a candidate has the necessary credentials is an important step in the hiring process. KarmaCheck can help you efficiently and accurately verify a…

    ... candidate’s professional licenses and/or certifications, giving you confidence in their qualifications.

    International & Canadian Checks

    Hiring employees from other countries or with international experience can bring a diverse perspective and unique skills to your team. KarmaCheck can help you verify the background and qualifications of…

    ... international candidates, including those from Canada, through comprehensive checks that ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

    Healthcare Sanctions & Exclusions

    In the healthcare industry, it is important to ensure that all team members are qualified and have a clean professional record. KarmaCheck can help verify that a candidate has not been subject to any healthcare sanctions or…

    ... exclusions with ongoing healthcare sanctions monitoring, giving you confidence in their suitability for the role and protecting your organization from potential legal issues. KarmaCheck offers healthcare compliance search, battery of abuse registries, and sanctions databases.


    Occupational Health Services

    In order to maintain a safe and healthy workplace, it is important for organizations to have access to OHS. KarmaCheck can help you verify that a candidate is fit for the role, able to meet the …

    ... physical demands of the job, check immunizations such as Tuberculosis, Hep B, and Varicella, vaccinate against diseases, mask fit tests, vision tests, and breath alcohol tests. This ensures that your team is healthy and able to perform their duties effectively.

    Driving History (MVR) Checks

    KarmaCheck’s driving history (MVR) checks allow you to review candidates’ driving records and confirm the status and validity of their driver’s license. These checks can help you identify qualified candidates with safe driving records and ensure that you …

    ... are bringing on team members who are able to safely perform duties that require driving.

    Civil Background Checks

    KarmaCheck’s civil background checks provide insight into a candidate’s non-criminal legal history. These checks are available for both county and federal civil court records,  as well as checking leins and judgements, bankruptcy…

    ... and more,  helping you make informed hiring decisions.

    Identity Verification

    ID Verification uses machine learning to validate the authenticity of a government issued ID. A live video selfie is taken by the candidate to confirm the accuracy of one’s personal information, including their name, …

    ... address, and date of birth, giving you confidence in their identity. ID verification is the best way to combat fraud.

    Background check
    for employment FCRA-
    compliant requirements

    The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) sets guidelines for the use of background check information in an employment context, including obtaining written consent, informing applicants of results, and adverse action processes…

    ... Employers must also use FCRA-compliant background check companies in the hiring process. Discover the best employee background check solutions with KarmaCheck.

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    For any business looking to increase its security and efficiency when hiring new employees, professional background screening services are an invaluable asset. Knowing more about a potential hire before committing them to a permanent or temporary position within your organization helps employers identify red flags and make the best hiring decisions for themselves, their team, and their entire company. 

    Are you a business manager or HR representative looking to hire employees in an increasingly competitive job market? Background screening services are one of the most essential elements of effective hiring processes and managing company workloads. Finding trusted background check screening services is crucial for recruiting high-quality candidates, avoiding costly hiring mistakes, and ensuring compliance with employer standards and legal requirements.


    At KarmaCheck, we provide comprehensive background screening services for businesses of all sizes, industries, and business sectors. We offer pre-employment screening services and background checks to employers, HR departments, and recruiters, providing them with a detailed overview of the individuals they are considering hiring.


    As an employer or head of Human Resources, knowing what (and how) to include in employee background checks can seem like a daunting process. But by examining the different possible elements involved in professional background screening services and understanding their purpose, you can rest assured that you are using this important screening tool correctly and most effectively.

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