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What to Know About Background Check Integrations

In today’s fast-paced world, hiring good employees can be a make-or-break moment for any business. One common way to ensure you hire quality people is by using background checks. However, running these checks manually takes time and effort, delaying your ability to hire rapidly and raising the chances that your high-grade hires wander away to a different company. Background check API integrations enable you to automate this process, saving time while ensuring you comply with all the legal requirements behind a solid background check.

Benefits of Background Check Integrations

Hiring a strong candidate right away is essential for a growing company. With labor growing more expensive daily, intelligent employers know they must make a strong case for themselves when courting prospective employees. Being able to turn a good interview into a new hire right away is one way to do this. Any time you leave someone sitting around waiting for an approval email, they can look for alternative offers that can get them in the door quicker. If your background checks take too long, you lose high-quality hires. 

The accuracy of professionally integrated background checks will also be higher than running them manually, reducing the chances that you miss big red flags or, worse, refuse a quality candidate on a false negative. API integration with background screening saves you time and money.

How Complicated Is A Background Check Integration?

Implementing an automated background check integration can be significantly easier than running manual background checks. This will depend on which background check service provider you partner with. Adding background screening to your applicant tracking system will be easiest if you choose a company that can scale appropriately with you over time. 

What To Know Before Integrating

Before you integrate automated background checks into your hiring process, checking a few crucial boxes can ensure you avoid any significant headaches down the line. First, ensure that the company you choose to work with on background check integrations will comply with all the legal requirements of your local jurisdictions. Finding the right background check service provider can be challenging, as it’s incredibly critical that they have robust security systems in place to keep the personal data of your potential employees out of the wrong hands.

Choosing a second-rate company that doesn’t value data security could potentially open you up to liability. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that any background check software you choose can integrate properly with your own hiring and applicant tracking software. Hiring a quality IT professional to guide you through this process may be a pertinent step for any company with a more complex system in place. Check on the Service Level Agreements you’ll be signing with your background check software company, outlining their responsibilities like guaranteed uptimes and response times.

KarmaCheck Background Check Integration

With all of the above to consider, KarmaCheck is a solid choice when seeking proper background check API integration for businesses of all sizes. Our background checks are secure and can rapidly increase your hiring speed, letting you turn a great interview into a model employee in record time. Saving time during the hiring process can let you focus on more significant matters, like directing all these perfect new hires into their new roles.


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