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Background Check API Integration Guide

Communication is vital for any successful business. From communicating with customers or employees to communicating with software. That’s where background check APIs come into play. As a hiring manager, you must make the most of your resources. But what exactly is API? And exactly how many acronyms do you have to learn to be successful at your job? 

Here’s everything you need to know about background check APIs.

What is Background Check API?

An application programming interface, also known as API, refers to communication between two or more programs. Think of each program as a person and an API like a shared language. When two or more programs share language, they can trade information, provide request tracking, and other nifty benefits we’ll be covering. For a hiring manager, an API is an easy way to streamline the hiring process.

How Does Background Check API Work?

Background check API integration lets you run automatic background checks based on candidates in your system. For example, once an applicant submits a resume, your software automatically starts the background check process. This means you won’t have to manually compile the info needed for a background check. You can also skip submitting the background check manually and contacting your vendor.

The result is a shorter turnaround time. Plus, background check API software helps you comply with FCRA, Second Chance Hiring, and other federal and state regulations. Essentially, background API turns the entire process into a click of a button. 


Here’s the play-by-play for setting up API.

Set Parameters: Fine-tune your API by choosing which background checks will run, on whom said backgrounds will run, and other essential factors. Get only the most relevant info by setting strict parameters for your API.

Find a Partner: The information you need doesn’t just appear. You’ll need a partner with experience in background check APIs. KarmaCheck, for example, specializes in background checks. Ensuring that your software links to ours gets you access to the info you need. 

Test It: API testing involves tests for security flaws, errors, compliance, and reliability. Your best option is to use a background check API that’s already been tested by the provider.

Are Background Checks Always Automated?

Historically, background checks were done manually. While manual background checks take more time, they still provide accurate quality information – assuming you’ve partnered with background check experts. API programming makes automatic background checks more accessible – especially for small businesses. If your business prefers manual background checks, rest assured you can still rely on the traditional method.

What Information Can Be Obtained Through a Background Check API?

When set up correctly, background check APIs can reveal the following info.

  • Arrest records
  • Identity verification
  • Driving records
  • Credit reports
  • Fraud checks
  • Social media history
  • Work history 
  • Licenses, education, and credential checks


Some states have Fair Chance Hiring regulations that prevent hiring managers from pulling arrest records until an official offer of employment has been made. Thankfully, background check APIs can automatically skip arrest record hiring until you submit an official request. This is yet another way that APIs can keep your company in compliance. 

What Industries Commonly Use Background Check APIs?

Any business, regardless of industry, can use background check APIs. That said, here are the most common.

  • Law enforcement
  • Finance
  • First responders 
  • Legal 
  • Transport (goods and passengers) 

Any industry with a high level of responsibility or privy to private information will have background check requirements. It’s better to be ahead of the curve. Here are a few reasons to use background checks even if your industry doesn’t require them.

Productivity: Imagine hiring your ideal candidate only to find out later that they lied on their resume or have frequent legal issues. Now imagine the amount of resources you invested in the candidate only to have to let them go. Background checks help you ensure you’re hiring the right candidate for the role. And in doing so, retain them longer. 

Faster Hiring: We can’t stress enough how vital background check APIs are to streamline the hiring process. Here’s an example. You have two candidates; the one you hire is only marginally better than the second. A year passes, and you realize the role you initially hired will need two people. Because of your background API, you already have a list of qualified candidates ready. 

Business Integrity: Every employee represents your business both on and off the clock. Background check APIs help you gain a clearer picture of someone’s character. You’ll rest easy knowing none of your employees would do anything that’d open your company open to legal consequences and bad press.

How Accurate is a Background Check API?

KarmaCheck’s background check API is accurate, fast, and perfect for any sized business. Plus, there’s less room for human error as the process happens automatically. As a hiring manager, you’ll spend less time transferring data between your system and your background check provider. That frees up more time to focus on improving your candidate experience

The most important part you’ll need to consider is setting up the correct parameters. Here are some ways to make your parameters as accurate as possible.

Consider The Role: Speak with your department heads to understand the most critical red flags for the position. For example, if you’re hiring a cargo trucker, make sure your API is tailored to find driving and civil court records. If hiring for a cash-handling role, set your API to find fraud and credit reports. This way, you won’t get bogged down reviewing irrelevant data. And don’t be afraid to revisit your parameters once they’re set. Just like any good business, a background check API is adaptable!

Consider Compliance: Fair Chance Hiring and other regulations are significant factors in the hiring process. Consult your legal department to determine what background checks you’re legally allowed to do and when.

Choosing the Best Background Check API for Your Company

Finding the best background check API comes down to turnaround time, credibility, and ease of use. A good partner enhances your business and ensures your day-to-day life is easier. From a resource standpoint, background prices play a factor as well. But where’s the breakeven between cost and quality? Thankfully, KarmaCheck has the answer. With cost-effective background checks that provide high-quality information, we’re a one-stop shop for your background check needs and the partner your business deserves. 

Bottom Line

The bottom line is, as with other software APIs, background check APIs make your business better. And with the right software, your job will be easier than ever. Streamline your hiring process by integrating background check API asap. Contact KarmaCheck today to explore your options.


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