2023 Guide to Healthcare Background Check Requirements

Doctor pointing at Human Resources process for health care

Navigating The Healthcare Background Check Process Having a solid healthcare background check process is crucial in an industry that is constantly evolving, changing, and in unprecedented demand all at once. Why are Healthcare Background Checks Important? Those in the healthcare industry need to be well-trained and provide the highest quality of care to their patients, […]

Top 5 Hiring Trends in Employee Background Checks


Employee Background Checks Post COVID-19 Applying best practices for employee background checks are more important than ever, especially for businesses looking to expand their workforce. The post Covid-19 job market has also created new challenges for employers during the last two years, as they struggle to hire remote workers. The growth in the gig economy […]

Top Recruiting Automation Tools for Your Business

How Recruiting Automation Could Help Your Business Recruiting automation software enables recruiters to contact and evaluate their best potential candidates at a scale and timeframe that would be impossible to do manually. Having the right automation software allows a company to take in a large amount of candidate data and save significant time and human […]

7 Tips for Hiring During the Great Resignation

The Right Background Check Not only are we still living through a global pandemic, but we’re also living amid the Great Resignation. As a result, more and more people are deciding to leave their jobs and search for something better. If you look at the numbers, a staggering amount have recently quit their jobs. In […]

Tips for Choosing the Right Background Check Service Provider

The Right Background Check For companies of all sizes and across all industries, background checks are crucial in the hiring process. Yet elements in this realm—ranging from drug screening to federal background checks, even a motor vehicle background check—can be time-consuming. Worse, for businesses in periods of rapid growth, a criminal background check backlog can […]

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