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Artificial Intelligence in Staffing and Recruiting


Artificial Intelligence is Taking Over

In the age of technological innovation, artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming a game-changer across various industries. Recent statistics indicate that AI is no longer a futuristic concept but a prevalent force in our lives. According to an AI Statistical Report from Salesforce, 45% of the US population surveyed is already using AI, while 49% of Australians and a staggering 73% of Indians have embraced generative AI. This powerful technology is reshaping industries on a global scale, and one sector undergoing profound transformation is the staffing and recruiting industry.


Unlocking AI's True Potential

“Artificial intelligence holds immense potential for the staffing industry. Understanding its true capabilities and implications is vital,” emphasized Eric Ly, Co-Founder & CEO of KarmaCheck during his address to ASA’s Board of Directors at Staffing World 2023. AI harnesses the power of computer science, large datasets, machine learning, and deep learning to enable problem-solving and self-optimization. While AI has gone through cycles of hype over the years, the recent release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT marked a significant turning point, even for skeptics in staffing and recruiting. 

Benefits Galore

The advantages of AI for candidates, employers, and staffing agencies are abundant. Efficiency and cost savings are at the forefront, as AI automates repetitive tasks and administrative work, reducing the burden of manual labor. Faster placements, AI-driven screening, and matching result in higher-quality candidates, elevating the overall quality of the workforce.

One notable success story of AI’s impact is in background checks. Eric Ly explained, “A background check report is stitched together from thousands of potential sources. This results in a lot of data that can be used to train AI models to improve performance. For example, we can train AI to interpret background check data results and quickly determine whether it is pass or fail in most cases or if a human needs to review the results.”


Navigating the Downsides

Despite the impressive strides in AI technology, there are concerns that deserve attention within the staffing and recruiting industry. The growing popularity of AI tools like ChatGPT has opened the door for fraudsters to create convincing fake profiles. These profiles can include counterfeit candidate photos, realistic employment histories, education, skills, and certifications, generated in a matter of seconds. The potential for fake data to infiltrate the platform is significant. Even real accounts can contain convincing exaggerations due to AI capabilities.

For instance, in 2017, CareerBuilder reported that 74% of employers hired the wrong person. Thirty-three percent attributed this to false qualifications claimed by applicants during interviews. Even platforms like LinkedIn have struggled with the increase in fake profiles. Advances in AI mean that identities can now be fabricated to an unprecedented degree.


Implementing Guardrails

Eric Ly urged the staffing and recruiting industry to adopt official guardrails for the responsible deployment of AI technology. These discussions are just beginning, but the future holds excitement if the industry prepares thoughtfully. 

Trust is vital in any professional relationship. In the age of generative AI, staffing and recruiting leaders must take measures to increase confidence in background checks and credentials. This can be done through robust identity verification processes or outsourcing partners. This commitment ensures the right candidates are hired for their business and prevents growing problems for clients.


Increasing Confidence

AI’s potential in the staffing and recruiting industry is immense. While there are challenges to overcome, with careful planning and responsible deployment, the industry can reap the benefits and lead the way in leveraging AI for a brighter future.

Staffing and recruiting leaders, trust is vital in the age of generative AI. Take measures to increase confidence in your background checks with our platform.



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