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Affordable Background Checks for Non-Profits

Over 12 million people work for non-profit organizations, also known as NPOs. Plus, there are tons of moving parts associated with running a company. That makes it crucial to ensure that every employee or volunteer is suitable for the job and won’t open your NPO up to legal setbacks or unsafe working environments. Every new hire comes with risk, but with the right non-profit background checks, you can mitigate that risk with reliable information to make informed hiring choices.

Here’s the skinny on leveraging non-profit background checks for your organization.

Why Do Non-profit Organizations Run Background Checks?

Non-profits collect tons of sensitive data to serve their communities better. That includes personally-identifying information, account management, and other info you wouldn’t want to fall into the wrong hands. By running non-profit background checks, you can ensure every candidate is a good fit for their role. Plus, background checks help streamline the hiring process, improve retention, and boost productivity. Why? Because background checks make hiring the right candidate the first time much easier.

What Shows up on a Non-profit Background Check?

Non-profit background checks utilize history from the standard six types of background checks. In doing so, they get the following information.

  • Employment History
  • Motor Vehicle Driving Records
  • Identity Verification
  • Education History 
  • Credit Report
  • Criminal Background


Your NPO may not utilize all six background checks, but it’s an industry standard to at least check employment history, criminal background, and identity verification. Don’t cut corners by skipping background checks for volunteers or temp workers. It can result in a headache that could’ve been avoided. 

What are the Legal Regulations Around Non-profit Background Checks?

State laws may dictate that certain background checks be mandated for NPOs. Also, laws around equal employment, anti-discrimination, and labor apply to all businesses, even non-profits. Consult with your board and beneficiaries about which checks best serve your organization. Your non-profit’s insurance company is an excellent resource for learning the state laws that you’re subject to. Insurance companies want to take on as little risk as possible for obvious reasons. That means it’s almost a guarantee they’ll know the ins and outs of avoiding legal trouble and will be more than happy to pass that knowledge on. 

Once you understand the state hiring laws that impact you, review your hiring practices to ensure they’re as airtight as possible. During that review, it can help to revisit ways to improve your overall candidate experience. 

Background Check Services for Non-profits with Karmacheck

KarmaCheck provides non-profit background check results quickly and with information you can rely on. Plus, getting a background check done quickly improves candidate experience as there’s less time between the initial interview and the hiring decision. In turn, sorting through less-than-stellar candidates is quicker and much simpler to find the perfect fit.

Contact KarmaCheck to streamline one of the most essential parts of your hiring process. And sleep a little easier knowing that you’ve done your part to ensure the safety of your employees and uphold the trust your community placed in you. Contact KarmaCheck today to learn more. 


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