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5 Ways to Attract Top Healthcare Talent in 2023

Over the next few years, the healthcare field is expected to expand to include 2 million more jobs. That means hiring managers will wade through dozens of new resumes and countless interviews. Knowing what you need to attract healthcare talent is the best way to make that effort count. More so than any other field, top healthcare talent needs the perfect mix of education, dedication, and interpersonal skills. Here’s everything you need to know about finding your ideal candidate in the healthcare field.

Understand What Workers Are Looking For

Knowing what workers are looking for helps you craft a job requisition that catches their eye. A few things top healthcare talent needs from a job include an emphasis on work/life balance, a path to promotions, and flexibility. Notably, the healthcare field has some of the highest rates of burnout, and while most candidates may not cite that as a reason for looking for new jobs, you can reasonably assume it plays a factor. A stellar employer should mention their plan to reduce burnout in a job posting to help attract top talent. 

Utilize Technology

Hiring managers need to utilize tech as a resource to attract healthcare talent. Online job boards, A.I.-assisted copywriting, and background check APIs are easy ways to bolster your workforce. Another excellent option for using tech is during the onboarding process. Tech onboarding lets candidates progress at their own pace and helps remove bias from the training and the hiring process. Remember that the effectiveness of tech is based on the program and how it’s tailored to your needs. Getting systems equipped with the right tech for your healthcare company can take time, but that time is an investment that streamlines your hiring and onboarding process. 

Also, tech can monitor your workforce for skill gaps that you’ll need. Does your company primarily work in the drug rehabilitation industry? Then, you’ll need an increase of counselors or inpatient staff to meet any growth of new clients. Tech can predict patient increases based on prior data to give you a heads-up to start hiring long before it becomes a problem, which keeps your business running smoothly.

Offer Competitive Benefits and Salaries

One of the best ways to attract healthcare talent is to offer them good wages and benefits that let them relax, knowing their employer has them covered. Whether your candidate wants to start a family, deals with chronic medical issues, or just wants peace of mind, good benefits and salaries are something they’re searching for. Unsurprisingly, an employee or candidate may jump ship to a competitor if they believe it’ll offer more financial freedom. Being able to meet the income requirements of candidates and employees helps boost your retention rates, which means you spend less time filling gaps and more time handling patient inquiries.

Foster a Positive Work Culture

Positive work culture is one of the most important ways to attract healthcare talent. The more workers enjoy their environment and company, the more productive they are and the better your retention. The healthcare field is packed with unavoidable stressors. But being able to meet the needs of your employees and candidates makes them feel appreciated and that, despite the stress, their job is worth it. Fostering a positive work culture is more than just the occasional team party or platitude. You’ll need a plan of action to make your workplace conducive to positivity.

Invest in Continuous Training and Development

No one wants to wake up years into a position only to find they have nothing to show for it. The average candidate is looking for a path to advance. And you can help by investing in training and development for your employees. The healthcare field comes with annual refresher courses, but going above and beyond to help employees earn new certificates and even degrees makes them feel appreciated and provides them with the tools they need to advance in their careers. Plus, it can improve your business reputation for an employee to say, “My job helped me make the next steps in my career.”

Conclusion: Building a Future-Proof Strategy to Attract Top Healthcare Talent

Attract top healthcare talent by utilizing tech, improving company culture, and working to strengthen your employees’ skills. Build your future-proof strategy by meeting with department heads to determine the expected skills and personalities needed to succeed within your organization. Use that information to develop an actionable plan. 

One of the easiest ways to attract healthcare talent and keep them is by streamlining your candidate experience. The candidate experience is the potential employees’ first impression of your company, and it deals exclusively with the job requisition, interview, and turnaround time for a final decision. KarmaCheck can help by providing reliable background check data in record time so you can focus on what really matters – getting your ideal candidate onboarded. Reach out today and explore your options.


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